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Higher Education: Only A Foundation Essay

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Humanity has been misled for years upon their assumptions of certain groups throughout the world. These misconceptions lead them away from the truth behind the target and are often times carried across from generation to generation. Singling out a group and spreading out incorrect inferences about them is where these misunderstandings all begin. Ignorance is a choice that people take and use to stir the truth and create confusion amongst many. These confusions sometimes even go as far leading to oppression. If humanity properly educates themselves before leading to assumptions or conclusions, then these issues would not stand in our way. Men who do not take higher education stand victim to such instances because humanity perceives them as being reckless. In reality, a man’s success is not determined by his choice of higher education, but simply if he takes the time to be educated in some form.
Men who make the decision to go another path and not take some form of higher education are given the image of those who will be poor and live on the street. They are thought of those people who will never be any better than those who have taken some sort of higher education. However, if one takes a look at people like Bill Gates, Steve Jobs, Will Smith, or even Henry Ford, it is entirely possible to be well-off without a degree in one’s hand. Humanity constantly marvels at how they took the ropes and made it to the top without a paper saying they were qualified to do so. Successful people like them started off the same way, whether it was in an average household, the ghetto, or even the streets. It is what they did in their time and built upon themselves that mattered. A homeless man who consistently spends his money on drugs and alcohol will in most occasions remain poorer than the man who invests his money in tools that will help him make money. Those efforts are always taken for granted and never seen as something that could lead to a much bigger picture.
Education is not all school, books, and tests. The definition of education is “the act or process of imparting or acquiring particular knowledge or skills.” Society’s vision of education has been bound to that of students sitting in a classroom taking exams every week. What they tend to not realize is that education can be acquired from various ways. Several people chose to take under somebody’s wing and be mentored in a particular field or course. Others decide to teach themselves through the internet or read books about what matters to their career choice. These are all a different approach towards being educated. Often times these people put their focus and work towards one goal or a particular set of goals and master it so they become successful in that area. A man can become successful by the way he uses his resources and the effort that is put into his work.
Higher education is a system people use to gain a sense of accomplishment or reputation. It is a way for people to have gloating rights....

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