Greatest Achievements In History Of Human Kind And The New Economy

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Once, my mother asked why I never climb the star fruits tree in our garden. Feeling totally puzzled, I frowned and saw no sense on how climbing trees never fail to amuse her when she was a little girl. Eventually, we settle on "generation gap" as the reason behind our difference understanding of amusement. As the Generation-X genre, Napster Inc., network gaming and ICQ amuse me. Climbing a tree to get entertained certainly never comes across my mind. But my mother just never gets this Internet stuff. Perhaps a trivial illustration, but indeed it is a generation gap. A social distinction, in many ways created by the sheer pace of progress in technology and new inventions.Human kind is an ever-progressing species. From the crucial three methods of fire creation to the upcoming General Packet Radio Service technology, one great achievement after another is the undeniable testimony of a very impressive civilization. These inventions have made a tremendous impact on the way we live, work and play throughout the thousand years of our existence on planet Earth. The prospect of change, for the better, indeed is one of the major catalysts behind almost every greatest achievement in the twentieth century. I learned how visionary individuals identify the need of change and gradually steer the society to a new era. This would be aptly illustrated in General Eisenhower and the construction of interstate highway system. His vision on the need to link the different states and major cities in US was essential in the country's economic growth as well as fulfilling socio-political endeavors.In trying to find a shorter wavelength as a better substitute for microwave, Charles Townes and Arthur Schawlow initiated a new scientific field of laser beam. The laser technology, in turn, produces numerous devices that make significant contribution in the world of medicine and communication. Similarly, Thomas Edison's electricity leads to many important inventions. These two examples show how technology will continue to surprise us with great breakthroughs and new sophisticated tools. I believe that human being and technology still has so much potential to grow further and discover more....

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