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Greatness According To Colvin Essay

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Do you believe success is dependent on natural talent? Geoffrey Colvin disagrees in his article "What it takes to be great" where he insists that natural talent is not needed to be successful. To be great a person needs to work hard for years and practice with tremendous effort. Both of these tributes have affected my life in regards to my success in school and my failure at tennis.
Nothing can be achieved without work. Average input results in average output. But hard work leads to excellent achievement. Colvin says "There's no evidence of high-level performance without experience or practice." He means excellence does not come naturally. A person cannot just pick up a baseball bat and expect to make a home run. “The most accomplished people need around ten years of hard work before becoming world-class, a pattern so well established researchers call it the ten-year rule.” This was proven to be true on many accounts, like Bobby Fischer an expert chess player at 16, who had 9 years of practice (Colvin). A person does not become a champion over night. A person needs to work hard to achieve greatness. A person could have absolutely zero skills in painting, but after 10 years of working hard with a lot of practice they would be quite successful in painting.
I am a strong believer in hard work. It is no wonder that Colvin’s principle of hard work parallels the success in many areas of my life. One being my very successful reign in school, and while this may not seem like an exceptional accomplishment compared to sports or music, it is important to me. Over the years I have been successful in all areas of school. I have been able to learn a variety of subjects, process the knowledge, and showcase it through homework or tests. I know that I cannot just take a test without the proper preparations and get an A. It takes hard work. I must learn a subject, practice the material, memorize certain aspects, and then be able to produce the knowledge on paper. This work did not just come overnight either. It takes time to go through all those motions. I also have experience on my side with over fourteen years of schooling with the work continually increasing in difficulty. According to the “ten-year rule” I am a small champion. I graduated in the top ten of my class of over 300 students last year. This theory of hard work leading to greatness is exactly what happened to me with school. It wasn’t just intelligence pushing me towards greatness, it was all the effort I put and continue to put into school.
People can work hard without achieving anything, there is another step to achieving greatness, and that is focused practice. Anybody can put on a pair of shoes and start running, but that will not lead them...

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