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Greatness Previals: "The Great Gatsby" Essay

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Is Gatsby truly great? There are a couple of different types of greatness. In fact there is "good" greatness and "bad" greatness. Adolph Hitler, although a horrible man was a great leader, he convinced and entire army that it was right to kill non-white, non-Christians. There are war heroes who are great because they fight for the cause and risk their own lives to save others. Gatsby was great in a different sense though. Gatsby is truly great because he led an incorruptible life in devotion of following his dream of a romanticized life with Daisy.Gatsby started off as a poor man who has to struggle through life. The only nice clothes that he has is his army uniform, which Daisy, his girlfriend enjoys when he wears she thinks that he looks nice. Gatsby is in love with Daisy and she is in love with him but because he was so poor they cannot get married. To survive Gatsby has to join the army and when he goes to war Daisy marries Tom, a rich stockbroker from New York, who gives Daisy a life of luxury. The problem, unbeknown to Daisy is that he is cheating on her. When Gatsby returns from battle he notices that Daisy has married a rich man and after realizing that Daisy was after Tom's money Gatsby figures that the only way to get her back is by becoming rich himself. Once Gatsby has his dream of being rich he makes it his goal in fulfill the needs of Daisy and marry her. Although luring ones wife into marrying yourself is not polite, it does make Gatsby great because it takes a strong willed man to make a life goal and stick to itGatsby changes many things in his life when he makes his decision of becoming rich, he wants money, and he wants it as fast as possible. Since he had no real education he decides that he must attend college. Gatsby spends six months in Oxford University in England, but obviously it isn't enough because he then seeks help from another rich man. This person supported Gatsby in his quest for Daisy and even gave him money to start his investment. A quick way to get rich fast is to be a criminal and steel money various ways. This man taught Gatsby the "trick of the trade" or the secret behind being steeling money to become rich. It is amazing that Gatsby would go as far as committing a serious crime just to be with one woman. Gatsby tries everything to fulfill his dream of spending the rest of his life with DaisyEventually Gatsby does become rich, quite an accomplishment for any human being. It now time to put his dream into action and get together with Daisy. With the money he stole and earned Gatsby bought a house across the water from Daisy's and Tom's, which shows that he is just as wealthy, if not wealthier than Tom himself. Gatsby tries many things to get Daisy to notice him, but one certain strategy seems to be his favorite. Throwing big parties was Gatsby's way of getting Daisy to come over to his house. Since alcohol is banned in the 1920's, one effective bait to attract someone to a party is by serving...

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