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Greece's Culture Essay

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Greece's Culture

Welcome to Greece. You are about to embark on a 10 day journey through one of the finast historical sites in the world. As we begin our journey you will be imersed in history and modern day culture. Greece is unlike many other places, a place where the ancient and modern worlds stand side by side. The Greek peninsula, covering an area of 131,944 square kilometers with a population of roughly 10,000,000 people. Greece is made up of the mainland and the islands. On this tour you will see facinating parts of both.

Our first stop will be Athens, capital of the ancient world named after the goddess Athena. Here we will spend 3 days 2 nights.The crowning glory of Athens is definatly the Parthenon which is situated on the Acropolis. Since the age of Pericles this fortress has been the site of purly majestic proportions. By nothing short of a miracle, the 2,500 year old Periclean Acropolis is still standing despite the poplution of modern day. Due to this polution the states have since been removed and are now located in the Acropolis museum.
Athens is home to over 44 musems the most famous being the National Archaeological Museum which houses a glory of ancient artifacts. To see this museum in its entirity would take weeks, however a few hours will provide you with a satisfying flavour of this magnificent collection.
Shopping in Athens provides a variety of stores sure to satisfy any person. From the up-scale boutiques of Stephanel, to Gucci, to Max Mara, to the local Greek designers spreading their designs overseas. The most famous shopping street is Ermou, which is located across from the Parliament building. Here you will find a McDonald’s on the cornor and as you move farther away from the square the the shops become increasingly less expensive. Directly past the Byzantine church of Kapnikarea you will find yourself in the midst of a great Flea Market. While it is best on Sundays, one can be certain to find a varity of things for sale at any given time. This market holds everything from souvenirs to marble chess sets, copper pans, ceramic pots, to junk and antiques. All of these items are what make this one of the most facinating areas in the city.
Eating in Athens can be called an adventure. In this city you are presented with a varitey of choices. If you are looking for a meal on the run you can buy a Koulouri (sesame bread ring) from a street vendor. Or if you have an uncontroable sweet tooth you may opt for a Galaktoboureko (delectable custard-filled flaky pastery topped with a dusting of icing sugar) or a Tyropitta (cheese pie), now a days one may eat an enitre meals from the street vendors. This saves time, and it always seems that one never has enough time. If you are the type who consider a wonderful sitdown meal a great use of time then you may feel inclined to stop into one of the many resturants and taverns. Athens has restaunts from ever corner of the world, including; Chineses French, German, Italian,...

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