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Greece: The Greek World 500 400 Bc The Ionian Revolt

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Ionian Revolt occurred in 499BCThe Ionian Revolt was the first round in the struggle between Greece and PersiaThe Greeks of Asia Minor revolted against Persian controlGreeks had been subject to Persia since 545BCHerodotus ViewsHerodotus believes the direct cause of the revolt as simply the ambitions and intrigues of the tyrant of Miletus (Aristagoras) and his father-in-law (Histiaeus)Herodotus does not take into account the widespread discontent throughout the Greek cities of Asia Minor which had existed from 545BC when they became subject to PersiaAristagoras of Miletus could not have stirred up a rebellion of disunited Greek communities if they had not already been unhappy with their ...view middle of the document...

who suspected his ambitionsIn Histiaeus’ place at Miletus he left his son-in-law (Aristagoras)When Aristagoras was approached by a delegation of aristocrats from Naxos (recently removed in a popular uprising and wanting help to recover their position) Aristagoras saw an opportunity to make himself ruler of NaxosAristagoras hoped at the same time to crush Naxos commerciallyAristagoras concealing his purpose made the Naxian exiles an offerAristagoras needed help with his planAristagoras proposed to the satrap at Sardis (Artaphernes) that in returning the Naxian exiles Persia might gain control of NaxosWere they to gain control of Naxos it would be possible to gain control of other islands in the Cyclades and finally extend the great Persian king’s empire as far as the rich island of EuboeaArtaphernes submitted the plan to his half-brother Darius and gained his consentThe plan misfiredThe Naxians were warned of the attack and prepared for a long siegeThe costly expedition failed to gain anythingAristagoras was fearful of Artaphernes reaction and was in a dilemma as to what step to take nextAccording to Herodotus ‘these various causes of alarm were already making Aristagoras contemplate rebellion’Histiaeus sent a message at this time to Aristagoras ‘urging him to do precisely what he was thinking of, namely, to revolt’Histiaeus’ motive was that he thought Darius would send him down to the coast to restore orderAristagoras’ Attempt to Gain SupportAristagoras then attempted to gain support from other GreeksHe renounced his own tyranny and urged other Greek leaders to do the sameThose who did not renounce their tyranny were removed forcibly or put under threat of attackAristagoras went to mainland Greece to seek support from Sparta and AthensThe Spartans were not interested when they realised the distance of Susa from the seaAthens and Eretria agreed to send aidAthens contributed twenty warships and Eretria fiveWhy Athens and Eretria Sent Help to IoniaThere were reasons for both Athens and Eretria sending Aristagoras and the Ionians aidThe Athenians were already on bad terms with PersiaThe ex-Persian-tyrant Hippias (according to Herodotus) was moving heaven and earth ‘to procure the subjection of Athens to himself and Darius’The Athenians had urged Artaphernes (satrap at Sardis) not to listen to the exiled Pisistratid but he demanded that the Athenians take him back or accept the consequencesThe Athenians were now openly hostile to PersiaThe new democracy at Athens was opposed to tyrannyThe Greeks were becoming alarmed at Darius’ movements into Europe (Thrace) and a revolt may deter themAristagoras also pointed out the...

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