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The Bible classifies the seven deadly sins – greed, envy, sloth, wrath, gluttony, pride and lust – as the characteristics of people which will lead to unhappiness. One particular sin evident in our world today is greed. Greed is defined as an excessive desire to possess wealth or goods. The greed that exists in our world leads people to unhappy and selfish lives. Greed is evident through individual people, corporate companies and in our governments.

The desire to be successful and happy naturally exists in all people. Success is often associated with the acquisition of wealth and material goods. When an individual feels that money and goods will bring them happiness in their lives, they will become more and more determined to possess them. The good intention of wanting to be happy can lead a person to become greedy. When the desire for happiness and success turns to greed, the end result is unhappiness. In many cases the greed of an individual can lead to the unhappiness of those around them. An example of this is a woman named Imelda Marcos was the wife of the Philippine president starting in 1965. The Philippines were mostly filled with people who were too poor to even afford shoes. Marcos, on the other hand, could make as many purchases as she pleased; and she used this to her advantage. She owned extravagant clothing and jewelry; owning over 1000 pairs of shoes and 15 mink coats (Holsworth). Meanwhile, areas in the Philippines were unclean, unsafe and deeply in poverty. If the money used for Marcos' unnecessary purchases were used to help these people, she could of made an impact on the well-being and happiness of many people. Using money for grand luxuries while your country struggles to make ends meet is an extremely selfish thing to do.
In addition to Imelda Marcos, television shows like Megan Wants a Millionaire and Millionaire Matchmaker displays how an individuals greed leads to unhappiness. When a person uses another to gain money, power or goods, it is self-centered. These television shows are based around bringing together two people who have never met in the past, based on the fact that one of the two individuals have money. Choosing to be in a relationship on the basis that the later has money will lead to unhappiness. With no love and only money keeping the two connected, in time things will become difficult. (Poniewozik) Countless couples who participate in these television shows do not last more then a year before realizing that the money is not worth being with somebody you do not love or get along with. While individual people who are taken over with greed usually affect smaller portions of the population, the more power a greedy person has, the more people are affected. This idea is shown with the Nike Corporation.

Time and time again, there are stories of dishonest companies who take advantage of the fact that they have money, try to create more wealth and subsequently forget their workers well being....

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