Greed, Vanity, And Repentance In "Moll Flanders" By Daniel Defoe

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Three recurring themes in Moll Flanders by Daniel Defoe are greed, vanity, and repentance. Theme is defined as an underlying or essential subject of artistic representation. These three themes play an important role in the development of the story of Moll Flanders.The first theme, greed, is shown in Moll's acts of prostitution. Moll turns to thievery in many instances to support herself. She also allows her morals to disintegrate; a result of her greediness.Moll's first act of prostitution is thrust upon her unknowingly. In the beginning of the story, she is living with a gentle woman and her family. One of the brothers takes interest in Moll and seduces her into becoming his lover. 'He took these freedoms with me... when this was over he stayed but a little while, but he put almost a handful of gold in my hand...' (Defoe 26). Moll lets down her guard and meets with the brother frequently. '... so putting the purse into my bosom, I made no more resistance to him, but let him do just what he pleased and as often as he pleased...' (Defoe 30). Later in the story, Moll becomes acquainted with a woman who persuades Moll to work for her as a prostitute. Even though Moll is now married, she agrees to sell her body for profit. 'I found presently that whether I was a whore or a wife, I was to pass for a whore here...' (Defoe 144). Moll's acts of prostitution show that she will carry out illegal practices in order to get money.Moll's many instances involving thievery also express the theme of greed. At the end of the story, Moll gives her son a stolen watch. '... I stole it from a gentlewoman's side at a meeting house in London' (Defoe 297). Moll says this is the only thing of value she has to give him. One Christmas Day Moll discovers an unattended silversmith's shop. 'I went boldly in and was just going to lay my hand upon a piece of plate, and might have done it and carried it clear off...' (Defoe 238). Moll resists the temptation to steal because a nearby shopkeeper rushes over after having seen her enter the empty store. While Moll is living with the old governess she has some luck swindling a man at a gaming-house who seems ' be of more than ordinary fashion...' (Defoe 230). Moll wins him some money and secretly keeps a part for herself each time. '...he divided it with me, and I brought away 30 (sic) guineas besides about forty-three which I had stole privately...' (Defoe 231-232). Much like her prostitution, Moll's acts of thievery bring out her sense of greed.Moll seems to lose her morals while trying feverishly to gain assets. For example, when Moll decides to let Robin take freedoms with her, she admits self annihilation. '... I finished my own destruction at once... being forsaken of my virtue and my modesty, I had nothing of value left to recommend me, either to God's blessing on man's assistance' (Defoe 30). As Moll is contemplating Robin's true feelings for her, she comments about how proud she is of the money she has received as his...

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