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Greek Culture Essay

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Greek Culture
What was Ancient Greece like? Ancient Greece is called the birthplace of Western civilization. It’s stated that the Greeks created a unique way of life that other people admired and decided to take into their own culture. The Ancient Greeks lived in a mainland in Greece, and Greek islands as well as Italy, Sicily, North Africa and as far west as France. The Greeks sailed the seas for trading and to find new pieces of land. Ancient Greece had a warm and a dry climate which led to people making a living off of farming, fishing, and also trading. Some of the other Greeks made their livings by being scientists and or artists. Most of the Greek citizens lived in small villages and were poor. Farmland and water was scarce which is one of the reasons why they sailed to find new land to settle in.
Majority of the houses in Greece were small and made of sun-dried mud brick. The old mud houses soon crumbled and had to be rebuilt. Archaeologist did not dig up the ruins from the Greek houses so all that we know of now mostly came from writings and pictures. These houses had clay-like tile roofs and small windows without any glass. Instead of glass windows, they had wooden shutters to keep the sun out. The more “wealthy” Greeks had some slaves. Sometimes as much as 50 slaves worked for the family. The Greek slaves did entirely all of the tough labor including the farming, housekeeping, workshops and also the tiring yard work.
Married women stayed at home for most of their time. During their time spent in the home, the women occupied their time by spinning thread and weaving cloth on top of looking after the children and preparing food. The wealthier women were able to go out with one slave to go on outings. In Athens, only the poor women were allowed to go out be themselves while the rich women had to be accompanied by a slave or a male companion. The poor women were outside more working side by side with their husbands. They drew water and also washed the family’s laundries in the streams. It was a very few Greek women that had much freedom.
Greek women wore long and loose fitting garments with short sleeves known as a chiton. The chiton is made from pieces of cotton and linen material. It came past a person’s knees almost to the ankles. Then over the chiton, the women would wear a draping cloak called a himation which was thin for summer and thicker for winter. Young men wore short tunics as the older men preferred the longer ones. Slaves only wore just a strip of cloth. Most people went out with their bare feet and some wore leather sandals or high boots for horse riding. Men and women often wore wide-brimmed hats for shade so their heads could be protected from the hot sun.
A normal Greek breakfast would be some bread dipped in wine along with some fruit. Their usual lunches would be bread and cheese. The average dinner would’ve been barley porridge, with cheese, fish, vegetables, eggs and fruit. The wealthier people had the most...

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