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Hi my friend, vie heard you are interested in taking up residence in the Greeks. It’s a very different culture there then your use to. Have you heard about how it is there? Do you know anyone besides me who has been there or lived there? I’m going to give you good and bad things on living in the Greeks.
In Greece as two very different Greek city states Athens and Sparta fought for the domination of the Greek world. The people of Athens felt as though they were winning the battle. In the first winter of the war they held a public funeral to honor those who passed from the battle. In this funeral oration, Pericles gave voice to the ideal of democracy and the importance of the individual. It was the Greeks who created this foundation of there western heritage. Geography played an important role in Greek history. Greece is a very small area, about the size of Louisiana. Greek communities follow their own paths and develop their own way of life. Over some period of time the communities became attached to each other and were will to fight for one another to gain an advantage since there so small. a lot of groups would enter the territory of Greece but one group entered and managed to gain control of the Greek mainland and develop a civilization. this group was called Mycenaean derived from Mycenae. The Mycenaean were part of Indo-European family of peoples who...

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