Greek Culture As Exhibited In "The Odyssey"

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Many diverse cultures are found in every corner of the world. Every culture is defined by its traditions and values. The film “The Odyssey,” depicts the culture of the ancient Greeks where it illustrates the life of a man, Odysseus, who has gone on a journey just to get back to his kingdom. Many values and traditions could be identified through the path of the journey. Some elements that are found important to the Greeks are the music, the religion, and the duty to the kingdom.
One important feature found in ancient Greek culture is the music. Music is considered to be important as it created an atmosphere during events such as wars, festivals, and other occasions. This element stands for sophistication, wealth, and power to a kingdom. When music is played during wars, it gives a type of tense feeling where it conveys a message reporting that both sides will never admit defeat until there is no more mercy to be held. During festivals, the music provides a light, and happy atmosphere where all people enjoy of activities and food.
Greek religion influenced greatly on the people’s daily lives. Their religion is polytheistic which is the belief of more than one god. The gods played a role of being magical beings that are able to guide those who are in need of help. But if one has been unfaithful to the gods, one is to punished by the gods themselves where consequences may result in death. In the film, the goddess of wisdom and war, Athena, is the main god the land of Ithaca worshipped. In one scene, Odysseus makes a sacrifice of a lamb head in front of a statue of Athena to ask the goddess for a decision if a war against Troy should be done. In another scene, Odysseus forgets the gods and boasts of having...

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