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Greek Life Within Baylor University Essay

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The Greek Life at Baylor University is a community of twelve fraternities and eight sororities. However, the communities within Baylor University are not treated equally. The University of Baylor favors the sororities over the fraternities at Baylor. There are multiple different things that Baylor allows the sororities to attain that the fraternities are prevented from pursuing or accomplishing. This bias between the Greek Life of Baylor and the university itself is one major reason for strain between the relationships of the groups. The sororities at Baylor are supplied a meeting place, allowed to have mixers before rushing on Baylor campus, and are allowed to return to Baylor early after breaks for events. The university as a whole must resolve these problems by equaling the amount of opportunities that are being presented to all sides of Greek Life. There must be a balanced amount of opportunities for fundraising, equal space for meetings, and equal opportunity to help within the community.
The PanHellenic Building houses every Greek Life sorority that is currently on Baylor’s campus. These facilities were donated by Stacy Riddle and required a $5.5 million budget. “The building is a two-story, 51,000-square-foot building contains nine sorority suites/meeting rooms, a computer lab available to all students, a chapel and prayer room, a Panhellenic office and an apartment for the resident manager” ( However, there are no rooms that are set apart solely for a fraternity member. This building allows the sorority and its members to have a place to meet and host their activities. Yet, if you look around there is not a building or room that is solely devoted to the fraternities and its members. The fraternity members must hold their meetings either off campus or find an empty classroom in a building and hope that a class does not come in and interrupt the proceedings half way through the meeting. When the fraternity members must hold their meetings off campus it causes health and safety risks. The first safety risk is that when every member is within an apartment or house it exceeds the occupancy limit. This is dangerous and just annoying to the other members of the apartment or house. The second major safety risk is the parking situation. When every member goes to the apartment or house there is a car for almost every member outside of that house. The majority of wrecks come from “cars on the side of streets and a driver not knowing if the car will be pulling out” ( If the meetings are continuously being held at a house or apartment building this means a constant flow of cars pulling in and out of the area which according to the statistics is the leading cause of accidents. The Panhellenic building was made because “For over 20 years, Baylor has needed a place for Greek life to come together, both in efforts to unify the Panhellenic system and provide relief for the current meeting space issues...

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