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Greek Thoughts Essay

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Humanity is so cliché, the same situation and the same emotions on display today happened yesterday, the century before, two thousand years before, from the beginning of time human emotions and thoughts and ideas do not change. A clear example of this is when the Greek philosopher Plato wrote his Allegory of the Cave in which the most basic truths are displayed in such a way that the common man says ‘that even happens today’ because we still have chains and we still have oppressors. Being a college student a personal view is that this allegory applies seamlessly into the academic field, everything from the slaves to the puppet master is displayed at any university. Then of course there is ...view middle of the document...

From having to buy every book even though the teacher is only going to use it a few, or paying for things is difficult because the only jobs available are minim wage jobs that the most you can safely work is twenty hours a week before it starts hindering a persons GPA. Ironic that the only jobs available are a taxing because the gratification of said job are a hundred and forty dollar paychecks before tax which makes it less than satisfying working for your living. Then there are the peer pressures of wanting to live the life out of ones means, which equates to debt. All this is going on in the freshman’s mind and he now cannot turn left or right because the chains holding him are getting tighter and tighter at least until he starts to mature, then he has an opportunity to start to break free from those same shackles he has placed on himself.
What if this is not the case for every college student? Perhaps a broader picture is necessary in order to understand what keeps students from succeeding in their college career. The first chain that bounds almost every student is the financial aspect because education is extremely expensive and it does not guarantee that said student will earn a lot of money the moment he receives his diploma. Like everything else in life, a person prepares himself so he will be better equipped to fight and that degree is similar to a bow and arrow. The college graduate is competing for the prey that can only be caught with a bow and arrow, but just because his owns a bow and arrow does not guarantee he will be able to feed himself. But if he is competing against people who only have knives then he as an upper hand; it goes if he is competing against other archers with better aim, he will be a disadvantage. But the chains in college are different than in the real world, they are more tangible because you are given feedback from tests and exams so a student knows if what he is learning is being utilized which is another chain in itself. Understandably the general studies are required but at the same time pose a threat; if a person is terrible at math and does everything in his power to avoid it, then when he is required to take a math class he will resent it. Although it is necessary for anyone to have a basic background it does not change the fact that and person struggles with a...

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