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Greek To Roman Architecture Essay

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When shown iconic pictures of the Parthenon and the Colosseum, most people automatically know which building is Greek and which is Roman, However, show them pictures of the Forum of Trajan, the Pantheon, or the Agora, and they will be flipping coins trying to guess which is Roman architecture and which is Greek architecture. It is one thing being able to identify which building belongs to which civilization, it another being able to distinguish the subtle style changes within each mega structure. Very similar to a textbook and essay, Greek architecture is like a textbook, and the Romans used the textbook to write an essay. Although not completely copied or “plagiarized” the foundation of ...view middle of the document...

Their success in building mega structures can be attributed to the discovery of concrete and the knowledge of hydraulics in arch building. More than just building big, the Romans “revamped” Greek architecture with the wide use of Corinthian post-and-lintel system as well as arches and domes. An example of Greek architecture evolving into Roman architecture is the transition from the Agora to Roman forums. According the Ancient History Encyclopedia, “…a Roman forum often included certain physical aspects of a Greek agora, such as the use of porticoes.” Roman architecture is adjusted according the culture as well as social needs. The Agora was built as an open area or marketplace for all people; there wasn’t a defined purpose for the Agora. Compared to Roman forums, such as the Forum or Trajan, forums had a defined purpose that met the society’s needs.
From the contrast between the two uses of a public building, it can be concluded that the Greek focused more on aesthetics than purpose. Another example to...

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