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On the 25th of March 1821, the Greeks’ fight for independence from the Turks began. After years of numerous battles, Greece was able to gain their independence in 1829, although it was not officially recognized by the world until 1833. Out of desperation, the Greeks called out for support from foreign nations. Many answered their call, and their independence would not have been achievable without the help of their allies, who were mainly the French, Russia, and Great Britain. The philhellenes, or Greece-loving people, in those countries would rally support for Greece. As a result, their revolution was a success. Greece’s independence would not have been attainable if not for the help of ...view middle of the document...

As Greece can still bestow,
though Glory fly her glades.”
Believing Greece to be a land of peace and prosperity, Byron was shocked to later learn of the numerous revolutions and battles that took place there daily.
In Gary J. Bass’s The Freedom’s Battle he had about Lord Byron’s immense infatuation with Greece. It had stated that“Greece would be Byron’s fatal political cause, and the muse for some of his best-and worst-poetry.” Lord Byron did not simply write about his love for Greece. After he had uncovered the truths of modern Greece, which was the atrocious acts the Ottoman government had done against the Greeks, his began to incorporate indications of political calls in his poetry for the Greek’s liberation from the Turks. He was instigating both British and Greeks. His poems made many Britons feel sympathetic towards the Greeks. One poem stated,
“For foreign arms and aid they fondly sigh,
Nor solely dare encounter hostile rage,
Or tear their name defiled from Slavery's mournful page.”
This quote depicted Greece calling for support from foreign countries in their fight for independence, and their call was answered by George Canning.
Englishman George Canning, the British Foreign Secretary, was another important Briton, perhaps the most influential, during the Greek War of Independence. Though he was not a philhellene like Lord Byron, he was opposed to the atrocities the Turks had committed upon the Greeks, such as the public executions of their religious leaders and the burning of their Churches. A proclamation sent out by the King of Great Britain stated to the British people that they were not allowed to interfere in the affairs of belligerents unless Great Britain was personally attacked. He and his advisors wanted to pacify Eastern Europe without angering their allies, Turks among them. The proclamation had stated, “And whereas The Ottoman Porte, a Power at Peace with His Majesty, is and has been for some years past engaged in a Contest with the Greeks, in which Contest His Majesty has observed a strict and impartial neutrality.” But this proclamation only made the Britons yearn to help...

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