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Green As A Strategy Essay

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Green as a strategy
Prakash (2002) article seems indicates that going green should not be inducted in firms as a management strategy because its ‘still in its infancy’ stage, its effectiveness is unknown (Prakash 2002 p. 295). Any strategy taken by the management should add value to a firm but unfortunately, Prakash outlines that the green strategy infantry stage subjects’ managers to go green due to lack of a suitable option to mitigate the pressure they are subjected to by institutions (environmental) and stakeholders who threaten to sabotage firms operations. In most cases, going green comes with added costs that should also be recovered and one way of recovering such costs is by changing prices or the product but still, this does not work as consumers are not ready to pay extra costs for green products or rather consumers’ attitudes (environmentalism) do not go hand in hand with their behavior (purchasing green products). Therefore, this makes Prakash discredit managerial efforts towards going green ‘promote products by employing environmental claims either about their attributes or about the systems, policies and processes of the firm that manufacture or sell them’ (Prakash 2002 p. 285).
Even though the author discredits going green as an effective managerial strategy, Prakash unintentionally outlines the success ability of going green in the ‘GREEN MARKETING STRATEGIES’ (Prakash 2002 290) section that describes how going green can be effective if the management focuses of the societal well being and increases the acceptability of going green idea. Prakash also outlines how the management could make the green process effective by providing consumers with credible information regarding their green claims and having an understanding of the public environmental policy such as advertising , advertising and information dissemination. This conclusively shows that Prakash logical arguments and assumption are wanting in the sense that employing green as a managerial strategy is not ineffective because its in infantry stages but is ineffective because managements adapt the ‘incorrect’ green strategies (succumb to pressure and are unable to use strategies that produce value added results). This article therefore sheds light that if proper green management strategies focusing on societal well being (minimizing environmental impact at reduced costs) are put in place, consumers will be able to buy the idea of going green and purchasing green products and therefore, the managerial efforts will be successful.
Ethics as a strategy
Mahdavi (2011) article one ‘International business ethics: strategies and responsibilities’ outlines on how business ethics should take a global perspective to enable...

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