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We as a human race are like little termites on the surface of the earth, tearing up and destroying everything natural on this earth. We are chewing up all the natural resources and leaving bearing land and holes in the ozone layer. We are not respecting nature or even this very earth we live on today. All we can do now is find different ways in cutting down our lack of respect for this planet and one of the simplest ways to accomplish this is through green building.The USGBC defines green building as simply the practice of increasing the efficiency in which buildings use resources while reducing building impacts on human health and the environment, through better siting, design, construction, operation, maintenance, and removal of waste. So in other words increasing the efficiently from start to finish of the construction of a building whether it be residential or commercial.The EPA says that Green building is what describes the selection of environmentally-friendly building materials, while having an environmentally-conscious building design. There are a wide variety of available building materials on the market today that fall within the green building description. They are less-toxic, take less energy to create, and give off less waste. Indoor pollution can also be reduced tremendously by following the Green Building energy bills. Many green building techniques and products are also beneficial for improving a building's energy performance. The "tighter" the building is created the less energy is needed to either cool or heat the desired building.The CIWMB states that Erecting buildings more efficiently will have a huge impact to decrease the emissions we are in constant motion of burning off. In the United States, our buildings account for:-36% of total energy use and-65% of electricity consumption-30% of greenhouse gas emissions-30% of raw materials use-30% of waste output/136 million tons annually-12% of potable water consumptionWhen we choose to build green you are gaining three essential benefits from it, environmental, economic, and health community benefits. On the environmental benefit side of this, we end up enhancing and protecting the ecosystems and biodiversity of nature and all the living animals. You gain the improvement of the air and water quality, reduce solid waste, and conserve natural resources. Residential and commercial buildings contribute to 36% of total human activity-related carbon dioxide emissions. Carbon dioxide is the primary greenhouse gas associated with global warming. The effects of the climate change that comes with global warming are potentially drastic and dangerous. The consequences that are expected are the melting of polar icecaps, rising sea levels, and an increase in tropical diseases. Green buildings help to reduce fossil fuel consumption through energy efficiency and the use of clean energy technologies. The use of energy-efficient technologies can be used for the electricity, heating, cooling, and...

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