Green Building And Sustainable Construction Suny Canton Senior Term Paper

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Green Building and Sustainable Construction
Kristoff Adderley
Instructor Robert McClellan
ACHP 412
SUNY Canton
December 8th 2017
Green Building and Sustainable Construction
The environment has become one of the most important matters of discussion not only in the United States but around the world. It is clear that creating environmentally friendly buildings is the future of the construction industry, it is just a matter of encouraging builders and society to accept it as the norm. The environment’s current fragile state increases the need to conserve as much energy as possible and implement energy efficient practices into our daily lives becoming more of an obligation rather than a choice. The percentage of people driving electric and hybrid cars are increasing and people are becoming excited about recycling, wanting to make a positive impact on the environment through energy efficient practices. As the conversation continues to spread about the dire need to protect the environment, these trends will increase in growth and will become the standard across the globe. One way to move towards a greener planet is to start with the houses and buildings we live and work in. Three types of buildings that provide a healthier and greener atmosphere are Passive House, LEED and the Net Zero standard of building.
Passive House
Passive House is a metric based building energy standard. The Passive House concept was created in Germany and is often called by the German spelling, Passivhaus. Passive house is considered to be a more demanding standard for Green Building. HHHHhHowever, it is also the most successful at achieving energy efficient living standards (“Green Home Building,” 2017). Concrete, bricks and stone are all basic materials used in building a Passive house because they can absorb the energy from the sun fully and gradually. As a result of this absorption an occurrence known as lag takes place. Lag is the warm sunlight which was absorbed during the day being released slowly at night. Passive House standard is a construction concept geared towards the use of less energy for heating and cooling than conventional buildings. While, still being significantly more comfortable and healthier than traditional buildings, this allows for energy savings of up to 90% (“Passive House Resource,” 2017). There are three types of window glass: one pane and two pane, which are commonly used in normal houses, and three pane windows, which are used in Passive houses. Three pane windows are preferred over the other windows because they are made from three glass panes, which are split by air or argon gas. This will result in the window being more insulated which prevents cold air getting in and decreasing the heat getting out. Another...

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