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According to Bauer, Peter, & Schwarz (2010), green buildings represent a revolution in environmental sustainability and are gaining increasing acceptance in many organizations. Green buildings significantly reduce the incidence of workplace hazards and illnesses, which might increase the productivity and personal mood of employees. (Leaman, Bordass, 2007) assert that “the natural world is a source of guidance and a mirror that often reflects back to the soul”. The relationship between individuals and nature has various facets that include beauty, commodity, language, discipline, spirits, prospects and idealism. All of these facets support the inspiration and intuition of ...view middle of the document...

According to Heerwagen (2008), symptomes like nose and eye irriation, mucous membranes, dry skin, mental fatigue, hypersensitivity, nausea and dizziness, airway infections and skin rash all can be related to sick buldings syndrome. Poor ventilation is one of the major causes of sick building syndrome because it facilitates the buildup of indoor pollutants (Heerwagen, 2008). Sustainable building practices can aid to address this issue and improve the well-being of employees.
Some of the other building factors that can lead to the incidence of sick building symptom include sealed windows, inadequate filtration, inadequate commissioning, poor provision of day lighting, changes in the use of the building as well as large areas of soft furnishings (Bauer, Peter, & Schwarz, 2010). The green building design eliminates these factors and therefore presents a favorable work environment that can boost the personal moods of employees and enhance their productivity.
Noise and crowding can contribute to psychological disturbances and lead to increased chronic stress. The aforementioned characteristics are more pronounced in buildings that are not sustainably built. Green buildings can significantly reduce stress and other stress-related health complications (Smith & Pitt, 2012). This increases the personal mood and productivity of employees. Creating, promoting and enhancing the use of outdoor break areas that is characteristic of green buildings can be a viable way of cultivating a healthy workplace that increases the satisfaction of employees and their personal moods. According to Largo-Wight, Chen, & Dodd (2011), employees with higher levels of satisfaction also show a strong commitment to their work, which improves the overall productivity of the workplace as the survey results showed that more than 50 % of the target audience choose to take a walk if the feel stressed and 60% reported that they are best effective in the mornings as they were exposed to fresh air and sunlight. The survey targeted 20 people who works in different workplaces (See Appendix).
Green buildings also aid to minimize the amounts of Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) that can be detrimental to the health and productivity of employees. “VOCs are usually present in many buildings, especially in recently refurbished and new buildings” (Guo, Lee, & Chan, 2004). They are connected with materials inferred from petroleum items and also an ascent in off gassing from a wide exhibit of building items, cleaning items, furniture, paints, cements, paneling, plastics, upholstery, covering, vinyl and other office items. The combined effects of exposure to VOCs can have detrimental effects to the health and well-being of the building’s occupants, which can lead to low mood and decreased productivity (Guo, Lee, & Chan, 2004). Green buildings that incorporate a natural environment in the workplace can aid to reduce the amounts of VOCs because of their natural ventilations, reduced energy...

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