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Green Cheeks Essay

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When you hear the name, Green Cheek Conure, what do you think of? Do you think that it just another kind of bird that flies around and poops everywhere. Then you are wrong big time. The Green Cheek Conure are a very unique type of Conure that many people travel great long distance just to see one in the wild. Many people purchase the conure because of their unique abilities to mimic people. The Green Cheek Conure is a very popular birds in peoples aviculture. These Conures are playful and intelligent animals also one of the smallest conure species. The Green Cheek Conure have beautiful physical characteristics, live in a rainforest habitat, and require a special diet whether in the wild or in a home as a pet.
The Green Cheek Conure are very playful and intelligent birds that have beautiful bright physical characteristics. Some of the colors on the Green Cheek Conure are just amazing to look at. For an example, the top of the conure’s head has “grayish/blackish feathers...with a black beak”("About Green Cheek Conure"). Then comes the ear that is the color of light gray with of ,course, green colored cheeks. That’s where the bird’s name comes from”(“About Green Cheek Conure”). However, with their many colored feathers their main color is green that is most around the whole body. The feathers on its wings are called flight feathers that are dark maroon colors. The last part of the conure is the pinkish feet that have long gray nails that the end of the 4 toes. These Conures are truly beautiful animals that live in the wild and their physical characteristics are amazing from just one small conure.
Just as the Green Cheek Conure have beautiful characteristics, they also live in a beautiful habitat and how they live. They mainly live in Brazil, Bolivia, and Argentina the conures lived mostly in the rainforests (Waller). As a result, people have found that "the cool, wet climate of these tropical forests are necessary to their survival" (The Green Cheeked Parrot of South America"). The Conures like to be together in groups so then surviving is less as hard (Waller). These groups that the Conures create are called flocks. These flocks can get up to 30 conures. They prefer to live in high tall because there isn’t much of an option because they live in the shorter tree it would be a lot easy for predators to get to them. “Another benefit for Green Cheeked parrots living in taller trees is when a predator from up above comes down towards a flock, the parrots can flee without any trouble as they fly down from the trees” (Waller).
How the Conures lived is a cool and interesting way, but their diet from the forest is a lot more different than being a cage in a home. The...

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