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Green Click Media Essay

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Case exam AP Degree in Marketing
Martin Thorup Jensen
Exam no. 7
1.1 Make a preliminary characterisation of Green Click Media's products and
solutions and make an evaluation of the company and their current possibilities

on the German market.
Green Click Media is a company which sells solutions for online advertising using
Google Adwords. It was founded in 2009 and it is located in the northern part of
Green Click Media offers 3 different solutions for your company:
Google Adwords - Google Adwords is for the cost-oriented sompany owner who
wants marketing for every dollar. Basically what Adwords do is, you create the ad
and you choose some keywords or sentences that describes your company. When the
potential costumer searches for one of your keywords your ad will pop out besides the
search results. This means that you're advertising for an already interested audience.
SEO (Search Engine Optimization) - SEO is a tool which can improve your location
on miscellaneous websites, or grant you a better ranking among the search results
when someone searches for your products or similar. The method is very dynamic,
which means, that a given place in a search result is never gauranteed. SEO is a
continuous work, where you try find out how search engines works and what the
criterias they have for showing search results, such as; knowledge about what people
search for, what kind of words they use and what makes people enter websites.
Annual report:
(DKK 1.000) 2010 2011 2012 2013 2014
Gross Profit 288 1.270 4.268 - -
Staff Costs 382 1.214 4.156 - -
Operating profit -94 56 112 - -
Other financial cost -1 -7 -9 - -

Net income before
taxes -95 47 105 - -
Net income -77 30 73 - -
- -
Number of employees 0 3 7 - 41
Source: NN Markedsdata:
The company has experienced an extremely solid growth over the past 3 years which
is quiet obvious to see in the gross profit and the high increase in staff costs. The
company is earning more and more money, the company earned 441 % more between
year 2010 and 2011 and increase their profit by 336 % between the years 2011 and
2012. We can also see that the company has been forced to hire more employees,
which is both shown in the increase in number on employees but also in the staff
costs. We can also see that the company is profitable by looking at the net income,
which is the profit made after taking away the costs of doing business, taxes, interest
and other expenses. The Net Income has increase over the last three years showing a
positive economic growth. The overall performance of "Green Click Media" is really
satisfying on 4 years the company has shown a huge development. The Gross Profit
has increased over 14 times in 2012 compare to 2010. The expenses has increased as
well. The Staff Cost has increased over 10 times. The reason for increasing Gross
Profit and Staff Cost can be they gained new customer and so they...

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