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People are always looking for ways to save money. By using “Green” computer components you can save money and energy. Everyone having a computer powered on days at a time can use up a lot of energy, which will lead to a large energy bill. There is a lot of different ways to adapt your computer to be more energy efficient. Using more energy efficient computer components and changing settings in your operating system will save you big. By purchasing more energy efficient components such as processors, hard drives and computer monitors you can make your computer consume less power thus saving energy.
Home computers can be turned off when not in use which is the easiest way to save money and energy. If you are not using it than what is the point of leaving it on? In businesses, that is not always a practical solution to saving. Some companies require servers for others to connect to at all times. Servers usually send and receive information from other computers. These servers are always running so people can connect whenever they want. Since these servers have to be running all the time, they drain a lot of energy and produce heat. “U.S. organizations squander $2.8 billion a year to power unused machines, emitting about 20 million tons of carbon dioxide — roughly the equivalent of 4 million cars — according to a report to be released Wednesday.”(Perenson, 2008) Intel is one of the largest manufacturers of computer processors. Intel makes a low voltage processor that uses significantly less power than other computer processors. They make processors for any type of computers including laptops, netbooks, desktop, and servers. Intel’s Xenon server processors come in an ultra-low voltage version that runs 1.66 GHz per each of the two cores. This processor when tested against the older single core low voltage 2.8 GHz single core xenon produced 7.1 times more performance per watt. (Intel Corporation)
Processors are not the only hardware that helps save energy while your PC is running. Western Digital, a hard drive manufacturer, has a line of hard drives titled “Caviar”. These hard drives come in different sizes depending on your needs. These hard drives only require eight watts of electricity to power it. (PC World) Eight watts is low and typically hard drives are one of the lowest power consuming components, but there is a new technology that blows hard drives out of the water. Solid State drives are a fairly new technology that I feel are going to make hard drives obsolete. Not only do these solid state drives require less power they generate less heat. A solid state drive can spend 90 percent of the time in a low power state compared to the hard drive which spends 10 percent of the time when in sleep mode. (CNET) “Sleep Mode” is a low power mode in windows XP. The performance of solid state drives is out of this world when compared to hard drives. Solid state drives are not as popular as hard drives because it’s a new technology and still quite...

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