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Green Energy And Energy Star Products

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Green Energy is a great way to save money and help save raw materials such as gas and electricity. Companies and engineers argue if Green Energy or Energy Star products are worth using and if the products will save money. Green Energy is used to save energy, such as electricity or gas. Energy star is used to help seal a house to save heat and air conditioning from escaping a house. Energy star is a rating that companies give products that tell the customers that they are energy saving. Green energy is a renewable source of power because it helps save energy and uses the earth’s resources to create and save energy without wasting money (Bishop).
Green Energy is energy that is produced with a far less negative impact on the earth. Green energy is great for saving the earth from any harmful fossil fuels that humans may burn . Homeowners and building owners think that these energy star products are bad because the initial cost of the products are much more than regular products. The energy star products may cost more upfront, but in the long run they save money on a consumers bills. Solar power is arguably the cleanest, most reliable source of renewable energy. Solar power is harnessed by solar-powered panels that change the suns rays into electricity or heated water. The electricity can be used to power lights in your home or business and power anything else that uses power inside a household or business. The heated water provided from these solar-powered photovoltaic panels can be used for heat inside a house or business, it can also be used for hot water for sinks and showers inside a consumers household. All that without the cost of gas or electricity to run a water heater and boiler all day long. Wind power is also another clean way to harness energy through the earth. Wind power is by far the oldest form of renewable energy. Windmills were initially used for pumping water or grinding grain. People then began using windmills into wind turbines for the use of harnessing electricity. These wind turbines were usually built in very wide open areas where there is a constant velocity of wind and were also built very close to each other to create a “wind farm“ that are built on the outskirts of cities or towns so they can harness the electricity to run those cities or towns. Hydro energy is another good way to create energy without destroying the earth. Hydro energy is produced in a hydro plant which is made up of three different parts. The first part is the electric plant where the energy is produced , The second part is a dam that can be used to control the water flow. The last part of this hydro plant is the reservoir where water can be stored. When the dam is open water rushes down and pushes against the blades of the turbine making them turn and produce power. (Green Energy).
Energy Star is a very useful way to save heat and seal the outside walls of a house so air conditioning loss and heat loss is brought to a minimum....

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