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Green Initiatives Essay

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In today’s business world going green seems to be a popular phrase. It helps lower inventory cost and helps the planet. Most organizations that are going green are doing it not only to improve the bottom line, but also to have a positive image. Lorenz Fiduciary Services Inc has been going green for the past three years. Every new process or plan put in place has been done to improve efficiency and go green. This paper will inform the reader on the initiatives of going green and what is the driving force behind the initiative, and also ISO protocols.Lorenz Fiduciary Services (LFS) has been in business for the past 37 years. LFS is an accounting firm that also does fiduciary and trust work. Due to the business type paperwork has been one of the major costs in the past. Trust documents must be organized and kept in filing cabinets. Tax returns for the clients must be kept along with all financial documents for at least seven years. Bank statements, financial statements, checkbooks, client folders must all be kept up to date and organized. To keep all these files up to date and organized LFS spent thousands of dollars each year on printing the documents and storing them. The biggest portion of the budget was spent each year on space, paper, and ink.The new green initiative started three years ago for LFS by management. The first step taken was to eliminate as much paper waste as possible. LFS purchased two Tera Stations that have two terabyte capacity each. LFS also bought a server to have access to all of the data where ever and when ever. The financial documents are now safe and secure on the Tera Stations. LFS employees no longer need to print out statements, trust documents, or any financial data. All previous tax returns are stored on the server as well. By eliminating such waste of paper and going green LFS has been able to cut thousands of dollars in paper cost each year.Due to the change LFS employees have been able to work independently and out of the office. In the past when employees would meet with potential clients or current clients they had to carry the documents with them. If the employee forgot some paperwork the meeting was a waste of time for LFS and the clients. With the purchase of the server space LFS employees can access any data from their cell phones or laptops. The change has helped employee maximize their time with clients and improve work processes. The other problem with employees taking the files to meetings was other employees did not have access to the files back at the office. With the change implemented multiple employees can work on the same file and...

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