Green Initiatives Of Life Time Fitness In Chanhassen, Minnesota

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As more countries become industrialized, our global footprint continues to grow making global warming look like a ticking time bomb. To effectively combat global warming companies are starting to reevaluate and implement practices that are less detrimental to the environment. Life Time Fitness has also joined the cause in becoming greener. The initiatives presented in this report focus on the efforts made locally in Chanhassen Minnesota, where the corporate headquarters resides. As the local media specialist for Life Time Fitness, I will focus on my stakeholders, the residents of Chanhassen throughout the planning and execution of our project. To my advantage, Chanhassen is already ahead of other cities and counties in terms of their green knowledge and initiative that are already in place.
Live Green Parks
Along with implementing green-friendly initiatives on a national level, Life Time Fitness will take steps to raise awareness about the environment locally where the company’s headquarter operates in Chanhassen, Minnesota. In order to promote an environmentally friendly lifestyle, Life Time Fitness will build a community park for the local residents and members of Chanhassen known as “Live Green Park.” Our park will be an addition to the 34 other “preserve locations” in the city; however, contrary to these locations, Live-Green Park will be larger in space, and will serve a two-fold purpose.
The park's primary purpose entails the creation of a greener environment through an aesthetically well-designed landscape. Moreover, all materials used for constructing the park will come from post-consumer-recycled content or materials that are environmentally degradable. The intrinsic value of building a park goes beyond adding more trees and grass fields to a city. A study conducted by British scientists on the effect of global warming in June 2007 concluded, “A modest increase in the number of urban parks and street trees could offset decades of predicted temperature rises.” Furthermore, the study found that "parks and trees also could help retain rainwater that otherwise drains away into streams and rivers, eventually returning to the sea.” (Sithole, 2007)

The park’s second purpose is to promote the health and well-being of the local community. According to a report from the Center for Disease Control (CDC), “research increasingly suggests that planning parks near residential areas -- and making sure that the parks include attractive landscaping, well-designed amenities such as playgrounds and sports facilities, and safe routes leading to and from them – is an invaluable strategy of community design and promotes healthy living.” (Cummins, 2009) To promote healthy living, the park will feature certain amenities including an outdoor track, an open soccer field, and a fully equipped children’s playground. Additionally, our local Life Time Facility will use the park to offer free wellness classes to local residents as a way of...

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