Green Lament Of The Past Essay

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I glanced up at the night sky, sitting back on the wooden steps to my home. A week or so ago... I found out that the life I had lived, no, the one I remembered, was false. A fabrication to hide the pain. A woven tapestry of lies, constructed from a bond deeper than I had known before.. But with one event, a hole opened, exposing the life I really lived. When I was told the truth about my past... I delved into the revealed memories, to find out what I must have been feeling that day.
Kou and I were standing outside the convention gates, nervously waiting to get in. "This place is packed...And look at how many CA cosplayers there are!" The short teenager next to me grinned. "Wow... I didn't expect our idea to become so popular." I patted her on the back. "I feel kinda proud of myself now." She frowned. "For once in my life..." "Ah, come on..." I put my hand on her shoulder. "Don't be like that." Kou purred. I didn't actually think anything of that, despite how weird it might have seemed. She and I may have only just met in person at this convention, but we had talked over the internet for a few years. I looked up, and noticed some other people dressed as the characters we had invented for ourselves. "Hm? It looks like there's some sort of commotion over there with... us cosplayers." "Wow, look at that crowd! The hell is going on over there?" A voice floated over from the middle of the commotion.
"No, I'm telling you, Reimu's not going to kill us!" "Can you please leave already, nya?! We just want to enjoy the convention in peace!" I was taken aback at that. "Jeez, their voices sound spot on!" "...but...CA didn't have voice acting..." The fangame we made, Caliginous Anomaly, had been adopted by ZUN himself, the creator of Touhou, and made official. We were at this convention to celebrate it’s release. "No, with what they would be in my head." An Aya spoke up. "But we have so much to ask you!" Kou looked confused, and rightly so... "Ask? way..." "That's impossible... No, they're just roleplaying. It's gotta be that." "Let's get a closer look!" And before I could finish my next sentence, she ran off. "Wasn't there supposed to be a panel with ZUN about the g- Okay then." I walked after her, incredibly confused.
The Regret cosplayer spotted Kou, and stared intensely at her. "...I knew it.” The one who I thought was only dressed as me looked over at Regret. "... Uh... Regret? They're staring at us. Like... differently than the others." I didn't understand what was going on... But those cosplayers made me nervous. So I decided to speak up. "... Are... Are you cosplayers?" "These aren't cosplayers, Daniel. They're not role playing." I looked at Kou. What was she saying? That these were the real Juubi and Regret? "...I remember you..." The girl dressed exactly like Regret, with realistic cat ears and tails, stared intensely at Kou. "How? I'm pretty sure we've never met..." Juubi fidgeted nervously.
Kou quietly gasped. "I always knew...

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