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Green Machine Essay

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Going green is a fantastic idea for Mingo Central High School because every day someone complains of how scandalous and destructive our world is. Everyone needs to come together and start ways of cleaning up the world and making it a healthier place to live. There are many trash cans around the school; therefore, it would be fantastic to have a recycling can to place all the plastic, paper, and other items that can be recycled in them. It would really be pleasant to see every student get together and clean up our school—not only for a cleaner school environment, but to save and like I said, make the world a better as well. The school could save a ton of money to buy other things needed for ...view middle of the document...

Schools nowadays are notorious for enormous copy budgets and saving money. However, transforming our school into a paperless school would covert our school into an eco-friendly and budget-friendly environment. Our school is on a great start to becoming paperless, but also has a few steps to go to become completely paperless. Going paperless in schools would become a step closer to being a green machine.

Additionally, another way of going green at Mingo Central would be to save energy. Particularly, instead of leaving lights and computers on, power them off when done, and turn lights off when exiting the room. Buy energy saving light bulbs to help save energy and reduce the electric bill. Facts show that cleaning the air vents regularly can make the electric bill go down 15% than normal. When the school considers purchasing new equipment, they should consider buying Energy Star items to help lower the cost of electricity. Going Green requires some work, but a great way that will help would be to try and save as much energy as possible.

Furthermore, the way of becoming green and saving on the school’s budget would be teaching the children how to become green. For example, talk to them and encourage them to recycle to keep the environment cleaner. Offer extra credit to those willing to step out and help become a green school. With more students getting together and helping each other out, the school and even the community would get cleaned up so...

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