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Who doesn’t want a 100% green and cost-effective school? You would be surprised how a few unpretentious changes can make our school such a superior place. Our walls and ceilings tragically lack cellulose insulation, permitting the cool air that the A/C worked so hard to produce seep out. The existing windows grant the heat from outside to attack our classroom’s temperature. To top it all off, the entire school sucks energy from the power grid like a plant sucks up water. Eco-friendly changes are not only simple, but just might break the grip of fossil fuels on our schools.
Enhancing our walls with cellulose insulation offers us an easy way to not only make our school more energy efficient, but more focused, too. Currently, the walls and ceilings license the cool air that our A/C worked so hard to produce ooze out without any opposition. With the manageable installation of cellulose insulation, the air does not escape effortlessly. Heating or cooling would not be required as much and would, therefore augment the school’s budget. An additional benefit of cellulose insulation is that it absorbs noise. Noise passes through the walls of a classroom fairly easily, meaning that one rowdy classroom or one boisterous student in a hallway will interrupt a class. Insulation can significantly muffle or even completely eradicates senseless noise produced by any source. For instance, I was once sitting in my history class, taking a very crucial test, when all of a sudden I hear the deafening scrape of rubber on tile. A child out in the hall was dragging his shoe on the ground, making a terrifying noise. My mind struggled to focus on the test, and rather than paying attention to the test, I paid attention to the raucous coming from the hall. Our teacher then brought the child into our room and called the vice principal to come take him to the office. This whole process robbed ten minutes away from my valuable testing time. This whole problem would be alleviated if cellulose insulation was installed in the walls. All in all, cellulose insulation is a straightforward and effective way to save money and reduce noise.
Additionally, another exceptional way to increase the efficiency of our school is to change our windows to high-efficiency windows. They are outstanding at preventing heat from outside to attack the classroom through the windows. In fact, they can trap up to 38% more heat in a classroom than typical windows. The A/C doesn’t have to work as hard to generate warm air, therefore cutting back the school’s spending. Yet another benefit of high-efficiency windows is that they allow us more comfortable. When windows let in light, they also let in heat. When light enters the room it carries the heat with it, causing the room to heat up. The high-efficiency windows absorb some of the light trying to enter through the window. This causes the room to get less hot during the summer. Also, when a window’s glass is cold in the winter, the air that passes by it...

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