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Green Witchcraft Essay

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Green witchcraft is a tradition, a path and a way of life but it is not Wicca. Green witchcraft is so named green because of the herbs that is used in the tradition, the Lord and Lady of the Forrest, It’s the color of the earth and its spirits and it’s an important color for those of the British Isles. The green witch follows the path that walks closely with mother earth. They use this color to represent green dye that they use to use. The men were allowed to go out and pick the plants but the women were the only ones allowed to use the plants to die the fabrics. Green Witchcraft is a natural magick path. Its all about nature, the Gods and all things natural. They also feel that they need to worship a Dualistic Deity. They see a Goddess and a God Deity separate. They also work with Green medications and herbal concoctions.

Green Witchcraft has its own set of rules they follow. They really sound familiar to the normal set of rules for other traditions. The rules tell us to be careful what w do, with which who we trust, how we use our power. This all makes very good sense if you think about it. You always want to think about all of these things before you do any type of magick. Working magick isn’t a hard thing to do. Planning for it may be a little harder. You would most likely have a personal creed since the tradition is so open.

This would allow you to adjust the creed to your set of beliefs and your way of life. I really didn’t find much on a large set of creed for the Green path. The one place I did find anything on a creed was Ann Moura’s Green Witchcraft. In her book Green Witchcraft she has her own personal creed. The rituals and spells of the Green tradition are as complex and as easy as you wish them to be. If you want them to be hard and complex then it is your desire for them to become hard and complex. If you
want them to be easy and simple then that is what you will get. The beauty of this is. It is what you make of it. Picking out Deities is just the same. It does not matter what Deity you choose or chooses you. The option is up to you. In the Green tradition they celebrate Esbats and New moons. They have lots of rituals they do use like Wiccaning, Naming Rituals, Hand fasting, Passing into Summerland They celebrate the Sabbats:

1. Yule
2. Imbolc
3. Ostara
4. Beltane
5. Litha
6. Lugnassadh
7. Mabon
8. Samhain

The information I found really interested me in Green Tradition. I want to do more looking into this path and hopes that one day I can continue my journey and learn more about it. The main thing I found with this path is that it is very accommodating to the person who is interested in walking that path. This path is simple to learn, easy to walk and not a lot of heavy rules to weigh it down. I am a very green witch so I would fall into this category. I work heavily with herbs, Green deities and I recycle like nobody’s business. I work to help do my part to keeping mother earth clean as I can.

Druid is not a Wiccan path it...

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