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Greener Future Essay

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In an age where each new day is another countdown toward global warming, recycling may be our last hope. Since the beginning of mankind, we as consumers have always relied on the earth for its natural resources as we do in our non-biodegradable products now. The essential route for our natural resources must be composted back into the earth’s soil as a source of nutrient as it did for us in our bodies. As for the non-biodegradable products, their creation is for our convenience and that reason alone. Therefore we must take responsibility to recycle them before they cast an even greater strain on the health of our planet and its inhabitants. According to CleanAir.Org, “…Americans throw away enough paper and plastic cups, forks and spoons to circle the equator about 300 times.” Due to the growing pressure from our polluted planet, steps must be taken toward recycling and composting in order to sustain a ‘greener’ future.
One of the fundamental steps on maintaining the earth’s soil is the process of composition. Composting is a natural breakdown process of organic matter into high quality soil amendments in a controlled environment. According to SustainableProducts.Org, “ … (Compostable products) breaks down to carbon dioxide, water, inorganic compounds, and biomass at a rate consistent with those of known compostable materials.” This process has numerous benefits for the land, water and air that will affect the environment that we will live in. Besides saving our soil from the toxic chemical fertilizers, composting also promotes higher yields of agricultural crops. A wide world spread to encourage composting is expanding in areas such as “… A wide variety of food service operations from sit-down restaurants and university and hospital cafeterias to sports arena and food service courts in airports (SustainableProducts.Org).” Food is always the solution to a human’s health if processed correctly, as does composting helping out our planet. Estimated in 2008, the loss of “…30,990 tons of food scraps were discarded… composing 18.6% of all materials going to landfills or incinerators. (CleanAir.Org)” The process of composition is just one way to keep the planet thriving. With just an extra step besides wasting along in our landfills that we barely have enough of as it is.
Recycling has been around for ages and in order for us to continue to live an immaculate lifestyle, we must continue recycling. The encouragement of recycling began in the early 1920’s with newspaper companies but was never really initiated until WWII when the government urged citizens to donate metals and conserve fiber to parade their patriotic importance. Benefits from recycling are numerous besides being kind to Mother Nature. According to John Campanelli, “… Recycling proponents have been reassuring us that recycling proponents have been reassuring us that recycling not only saves energy, cuts pollution, and conserves resources... The recycling industry employs more than one...

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