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Students at Southwest CTA participate in a handful of events and activities each month. Among the list of numerous activities are volunteering at the Ronald McDonald House, organizing special banquets and luncheons, and hosting an annual Coyotes U-nite. These are, admittedly, great ways to become involved with the community, but why not take it a step further by profiting from our involvement? By building a greenhouse as a school PBL project, the student body could grow produce to sell; and the profits could be used as an investment to benefit our futures and better our community.
A greenhouse would be the perfect way to garden year-round by manipulating the seasons; therefore, producing fruits and vegetables to be harvested all year long. At first, the idea of having a greenhouse on campus seems to be farfetched and costly; but with recycled materials and an incredible work ethic, under the ...view middle of the document...

Another great use would be to organize a salad bar with organic greens and colorful fruits for the faculty and student body once a month. Grow to Learn NYC, a citywide school garden initiative, increased students' consumption of fresh vegetables and knowledge of healthful foods, farming, and the local food system by connecting their school gardening with their school lunch program. According to the Center for Disease Control, the average Nevadan adult consumes fruits 1.1 times per day and vegetables 1.6 times per day. By keeping the prices for the salad bar low, we would be able to lure customers from the deleterious Papa Johns that is served everyday. Though this would take money away from the school lunch program, we would be adding years to the students’ lives. Finally, once a semester, our school would be able to hold a farmer’s market. Not only would this be a great way to become involved in our community and promote a healthful lifestyle outside of the school, but we would be able to sell our produce to raise money for the students. Nobody needs money more than a high school senior that is ready to enter college and no student should lose the opportunity to pursue their education because of the high costs. We would give the money made from the sales of our produce at the market and lunches back to the students by awarding scholarships. An affordable idea can go a long way. Ultimately, the student body is giving back to the community, while still greatly benefitting from the idea.
With small generous funds, from third parties or local organizations, financially managing a greenhouse wouldn’t break anyone’s pocket. The greenhouse would provide naturally grown produce to the community; the student body would come together to maintain the greenhouse. Just like any other opportunity given to the students to become successful in the classrooms, this would extend our opportunities and chances of success into the real world. It would not only help the student body, but also promote healthful eating to the community. Southwest CTA should take a simple step and become an example for schools in the Clark County School District.

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