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Greenhouses And Freezers What Is The Greenhouse Effect?

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The greenhouse effect is "an atmospheric heating phenomenon, caused by short-wave solar radiation being readily transmitted inward through the earth's atmosphere but longer-wavelength heat radiation less readily transmitted outward, owing to its absorption by atmospheric carbon dioxide, water vapor, methane, and other gases; thus, the rising level of carbon dioxide is viewed with concern (n.d. 2008)." This paper will discuss the effects of the greenhouse effect, the global climate change, global warming, and all the factors that contribute to these effects on the earth. This paper will also touch on what the main problems with global warming and how it can't be prevented. After reading this paper the reader will have a better understanding of all these phenomenon's and there effects on nature and humankind. One will able to pinpoint the main the issues, stakeholders and the different perspectives others may have on the situations at hand.As stated previously the greenhouse effect keeps our planet warm enough to sustain life by trapping heat in the atmosphere to heat the earth. Without the greenhouse effect there would be no life on earth. Without it the earth's surface would cool down to a temperature of 18 degrees C instead of the temperature of 14 degrees C which is needed to sustain life (Newton, 2006). So one can conclude that the problem is not the greenhouse effect, since the greenhouse effect is needed and already existed prior to human existence, but the fact that the increase of manmade gasses are cause detrimental effects on the atmosphere. The primary gas that is contributed to climate change is Carbon dioxide. The problem is that humans have been adding a vast mount of more Carbon dioxide to the atmosphere from: deforestation, burning charcoal and wood, and the effects of the Industrial Revolution (Newton, 2006).Global warming: "An increase in the average temperature of the Earth's atmosphere, especially a sustained increase great enough to cause changes in the global climate. The Earth has experienced numerous episodes of global warming through its history, and currently appears to be undergoing such warming. The present warming is generally attributed to an increase in the greenhouse effect, brought about by increased levels of greenhouse gases, largely due to the effects of human industry and agriculture. Expected long-term effects of current global warming are rising sea levels, flooding, melting of polar ice caps and glaciers, fluctuations in temperature and precipitation, more frequent and stronger El Niño's and La Niña's, drought, heat waves, and forest fires. (n.d. 2008)." Two scientists, Dr. Kevin Trenberth of the National Center for Atmospheric Research and Dr. Thomas Karl of the National Atmospheric and Oceanic Administration (NOAA), after the research they have complied came to the conclusion that the changes in the earths atmosphere and the rise of the global temperature was from manmade gasses causing...

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