Greenlake, Seattle Report: Life Formes, Dissolved Oxygen, Coliform, Bod, Nitrates And Phosphates, Etc.

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DaphniaDaphnia has only one main purpose in the ecosystem. It is basically fish food, mainly because they reproduce very quickly and are usually very abundant. This is because they produce most of their young without having to mate. They take about three days to produce their pouch of eggs. It takes about six days for one female to produce about thirteen billon offspring. However, when the eggs are fertilized, they can take up to twenty years to hatch. The daphnia eat small planktons, such as green algae and diatoms, mainly because they are already so small. Daphnia can withstand temperatures up to forty degrees celsius, but after that, their enzymes break down and they die. Daphnia probably affect Green Lake because it is a main diet for many other animals, and if it were to go, it would probably ruin part of the ecosystem, causing a bad chain reaction.Dissolved OxygenDissolved oxygen gets into the water through diffusion, by surrounding the water with the oxygen. Dissolved oxygen gets into the water more easily when it is cold, than it is when it is hot. When it gets really hot, the dissolved oxygen actually leaves the water. This is the reason why water boils. The water that is called "air water" is probably made by keeping it at a cool temperature and leaving the water out with oxygen before it is bottled. This water would probably not benefit us because the oxygen is not going through our lungs.Coliform BacteriaIt is hazardous to swim in coliform bacteria because it is mostly the waste products of other things that are living in that ecosystem. It is obviously hazardous because it is waste. However, it is only hazardous to us humans at the level of 200 per milliliter. The most likely source of coliform bacteria in Green Lake is the droppings of geese and other birds that fly around the area.B.O.D.B.O.D. stands for biological oxygen demand. To do the test for B.O.D., we put the water into foil covered bottles with no air and in a dark area with no light. From then on, you leave it for five days. After that, we take the difference between the recordings of the one taken on the first day and the one taken on the fifth day.Blood WormsBloodworms are larvae of the midge family Chironomidae. They are a creamy pink segmented worms with small fleshy projections called parapodia. Their pale skin allows their red body fluid to show through, hence, the name "bloodworm." Their anterior end has a small tapered postomium with four small antennas. These worms burrow in to sandy-mud or silty-clay of the intertidal and subtidal regions. They can tolerate low levels of oxygen in the substrate as well as minimum salinity. During the middle of June, the water temperature and tidal stage initiate the spawning process of the sexually mature worms. They swim to the surface of the water where the males gives out sperm and the females burst releasing their eggs. The male and females die after this happens.MilfoilEurasian Water Milfoil is an "exotic" aquatic plant....

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