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Greg Essay

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In our day wealth and resources rule the world. But is it fair that some are rich and happy and some are poor and miserable. No it’s not fair, every day people are devastated by disasters and lose everything they own and love. Second of all, poverty can affect not only your life but also your loved ones around you. Also, corruption in different governments and other privately owned corporations is one of the places where a lot extra money goes, if we dispersed the money among others not only would we be helping them but, there would be less corruption, and less crime.
First of all, many resources are lost during disasters, and money is one of the ways to recover these lost resources. The problem is that lots of the people in third world countries don’t have the money to continue living. Is it fair that a rich millionaire is buying a new sports car while people must walk 10 km to their minimum wage jobs? Of course it’s not fair, the money that bought the sports car could be better spent for the good of the world, yet people decide to spend money on their own luxury. You can’t blame somebody for losing their house but you can help them get their life back together and have a fresh start.
Secondly, millions of lives are ruined every day because of poverty. As seen in “The Diary of a Part Time Indian” people in the upper class take everything for granted, yet the people in the lower class or in third world counties must suffer and are looked down on. When people suffer they tend to forget what is important like health and family. When people stop thinking about what’s dear to them they start making huge mistakes like drinking and doing drugs. Once again like in “The Diary of a Part Time Indian” a driver made the bad decision to drink and drive and with this decision he...

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