Gregorio Cortez: A Hero Or A Rebel?

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BOOM! BOOM! BOOM! Dead falls Romaldo Cortez, Brother of Gregorio Cortez, thanks to Sheriff Morris. The day is June 12th of 1901 and Sheriff Morris shows up to Gregorio Cortez’s home. Sheriff Morris along side with Boone Choate (who was supposed to be an expert in the Mexican language) were both in search of a horse thief, start asking questions immediately when they see Gregorio Cortez and Romaldo Cortez. Choate asked Cortez “, did you trade a house with Andres Villarreal?” Cortez answered solidly “No”. Cortez had traded a mare not a horse. As soon as Sheriff Morris heard his response, he told Choate to tell Cortez and his brother that they were going to be arrested. Gregorio asked why but Sheriff Morris misunderstood and shot Romaldo to death. In defense, Cortez shot Sherriff Morris for his brother. Cortez knew that he was going to get into trouble so he decided to flee. (Garcia) Many question if he’s a hero for defending his brother the way he defended him. Many think he is just a rebel for killing a sheriff for no good reason, but Cortez had a reason. Cortez is a hero for the reason that he was brave enough to confront injustices from defending his brother, never giving up, and persisted as long as he could, demonstrating that he had the courage most individuals do not.
One of the many characteristics that a hero needs to have is bravery. Cortez of course didn’t want what happen to happen, but he had the bravery to stand up to an Anglo sheriff to defend his brother. At the time that this happened, Anglos intimidated many Mexican-Americans who were living in Texas because of the tension that was there from the war. Mexican American were abused and mistreated because of the language barrier that wasthere was between them. This caused a lot of fear that many Mexican Americans had. Cortez (Only knowing Spanish) had the bravery to shoot Sheriff Morris and go on. He took flee and he stood firm on his actions. He had the bravery that most Mexican-Americans did not have at the time.
After fleeing away because he was being looked for, Cortez never gave up. Many times he was at the verge of being cached, but kept going. Even when Cortez was caught, he was able to escape. Many who were in the position that Gregorio Cortez was would have given up once they were captured. Gregorio Cortez did the opposite. Cortez did kill some people in during his escape that he was later then accused of when he was captured. Cortez was able to go to court for all the accusations they were accusing him off. He went threw all the cases and kept going. Never did he...

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