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Grendel: An Epic Struggle Between Good And Evil

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Part of the development of a human being involves acquiring the ability to classify good and evil as well as distinguishing right from wrong. It has become an inherent trait that is invariably used in our everyday lives. In John Gardner’s novel, Grendel, the main character, Grendel, seeks to find the meaning of life. Through his journey, a depiction of the forces of good and evil is revealed. Aside from being a novel about the search for the meaning of life, Grendel also suggest society’s good and evil have a meaningful and imbalanced relationship where good prevails evil yet facing evil is still critical.
The relationship between good and evil is generally morality against immorality and has a major role in the novel. An action that is life preserving and sacrificial is believed to be “good” in our modern society. King Hrothgar’s wife, Wealtheow, is a complete representation of this concept. When tensions run high between the two kings, King Hygmod offers his daughter as “Wealtheow, or holy servant of common good” to King Hrothgar to preserve their peaceful environment (Gardner 100). King Hygmod’s description of her as a “servant” exemplifies the sacrifice of her personal life for assistance in maintaining peace between the two kings. On the other hand, degradation and hurt and overall suffrage created by one’s activity determines the denotation of the word “evil.” This idea is best resembled by Grendel’s feelings toward a statement made by the Dragon he meets on his journey. He is shocked to find that the dragon “could lie” and “that [h]e was evil enough” to do so (Gardner 71). The lie is what degrades Grendel as a person and he interprets as evil. These antithetical opposites of nature are connected because of their strong effects on a person or event and clearly, these forces are real and affect many effects of events in the novel.
Generally, good and evil are not equivalent in power; rather, good has supremacy with the capability of subduing evil. This is consistently apparent through the actions of characters in the book. A demonstration of dominance of good over evil is portrayed through the rebellious nephew of King Hrothgar, Hrothulf and his encounter with an old wise man, Red Horse. Red Horse becomes his advisor when they discuss Hrothulf’s planned revolution against King Hrothgar. After Red Horse shares his opinion that “[a]ll governments are evil,” it leaves Hrothulf staring “thoughtfully past him” (Gardner 120). Red Horse’s statement indicates Hrothulf’s plan to replace government with another government is pointless because both are evil. Hrothulf gazing “thoughtfully past him” at Red Horse implies Hrothulf’s regard to his opinion and, thus, the good prevails over evil. Further, Gardner emphasizes this notion with the priest, Ork and his definition of...

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