Grey’s Anatomy Increases Patient Satisfaction Essay

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Meredith Grey, a main character in the television show, Grey’s Anatomy once said, "Surgeons are control freaks. With a scalpel in your hand, you feel unstoppable. There's no fear, there's no pain. You're 10 feet tall and bulletproof.” Dr. Grey said this in the third episode, first season of the hit medical drama Grey’s Anatomy. The ABC series, created by Shonda Rhimes, first aired in 2005, and is in its tenth season, with new episodes on Thursday nights at 9/8 central. The series averaged 16.4 million viewers throughout its first 10 seasons, peaking at 25.41million viewers in the third season. (U.S.) The series concerns several surgical interns and their journey to becoming full-blown surgeons. In the average show, the viewer sees several complicated, unordinary medical cases in which the doctors attempt to save the patients life. The cases are always very dramatic which makes for a great television show. Often times the medical cases will have something to do with the doctors’ personal lives, which are just as dramatic. These connections make the situations seem so real, and make viewer believe that their doctor is just like the one that he or she sees on TV. This blur between what the viewer sees on TV, and his or her real life experiences, is backed up by the Cultivation Theory. (Quick) In the healthcare world, a distortion of reality caused by the viewing of Grey’s Anatomy, has an overall positive impact of real-life patient satisfaction with their real world doctors.
Grey’s Anatomy portrays its doctors having significant courage and bravery when they go into surgery. An example of this is in the episode “Deterioration of the Fight or Flight Response.” In this episode several acts of extreme courage are shown. Dr. Burke, who is a heart surgeon for Seattle Grace Hospital was shot, and Dr. Shepherd, who is a neuro-surgeon at the hospital, had the extremely difficult task of removing the bullet from Burke’s shoulder, without damaging any nerves, that could keep Burke from ever performing surgery again. While this is going on, in another part of the hospital, the interns Christina, Meredith, George, and Izzy had to keep a patient alive because Izzy cut the patients LVAD wire, which was keeping his heart pumping. She did this to move him up on the transplant list, because she was secretly in love with him, even though he was her patient. Unfortunately the only person who could do the transplant was Dr. Burke, and he had been shot. And, as if this story line wasn’t enough to handle, Dr. Addison is in another part of the hospital, dealing with telling the Chief of Surgery, Dr. Weber, that his niece’s cancer had returned, and that she most likely would not live. (Deterioration) Just within this 43-minute episode, viewers can see the courage, bravery, and fearlessness that it takes to be a doctor. (Quick)
Another great episode from Grey’s Anatomy is “Bring the Pain.” In this episode, interns Dr. George O’Malley and Dr. Alex Karev are...

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