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Greyhound Speech

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Ok imagine this you have just gotten of work and you and some of your buddies decide to go to the races for a little while. No i'm not talking about the horse races or the car races I'm talking about the greyhound races. So you place your bets and get ready for the race to begin all of a sudden the race starts the greyhounds are flying up the track and the one that you chose to win is in the lead but just as he almost reaches the finish line he gets passed and gets 4th place while you are disgusted with the outcome you get ready to go home but what happens to the greyhound? You think he just goes back and is treated wonderful. He is isn't he? Right? Wrong! In actuality that race might be his last the greyhounds are allowed 6 losses in there career that mean sixth 4th place lower finishes. Then what happens to them well some of them are adopted out into what we call foster homes where the are kept at a foster home until they are adopted into a loving family because they are so gentle and good with kids they are quickly adopted I know this because my family does greyhound fostering. But what happens to the ones that aren't sent to foster homes? Well the depressing this is that most of them will die along with most of the baby greyhound pups that are born with imperfections such as not having a perfect stride or many other things. To fully get the feeling for what kind of things happens to the greyhound I ask you once again to imagine 143 Golden Retrievers found shot to death in an empty field, a Jack Russell terrier electrocuted in a party atmosphere, 70 Cocker Spaniels left starving in an abandoned kennel, thousands of Black Labradors packed in trucks and sent to their deaths in just one year. Sadly, with racing Greyhounds there is no imagination required. So let's try to imagine these horrific incidents such as these and many others have happened to greyhounds bred for dog racing in the United States. Once the favorite pet of pharaohs and kings, in modern-day America the greyhound is merely the means to an end for an extremely cruel and unnecessary form of gambling. In dog racing, there is only one ultimate goal: profit. And when the graceful greyhounds don't meet that need, most are expendable. Some are placed as pets, but many must be killed - to the tune of up to an...

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