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Grief'What do I do now that you're gone? Well then there's nothing else going on, which is quite often, I sit in a corner and cry until I am too numbed to feel. Paralyzed motionless for a while, nothing moving inside or out. Then I think how much I miss you. Then I feel fear, pain, loneliness, desolation. Then I cry until I am too numbed to feel. Interesting pastime.' (Peter McWillians, How to Survive the Loss of a Love). Grief is an inevitable part of life. It is a natural and painful reaction to loss. These painful emotions may serve as a useful function. Some think that grief may be adaptive mechanisms for both social animals and humans. The pain may motivate parents and children or mates to search for one another. Grieving is very complicated and personal. There are four steps involved in the grieving process: numbness, yearning, disorganization/despair, and resolution.The first phase in the grieving process is numbness. Individuals who have just suffered the loss of a loved one may seem dazed and may feel a little emotion other than just numbness or emptiness. A lot of the time these individuals try to deny the death, firmly believing that their loved one is still with them. The emotion felt during this period varies from individual to individual.The second step involved in grief is yearning. It is an intense longing for the loved one. This involves guilt, anger and resentment. The grieving individual may also experience illusions. They most commonly occur in the deceased individual's favorite setting, for example in his or her bedroom. These illusions seem real to the bereaved. They also tend to have dreams of their loved ones returning to them or seeing them in a memory that they had shared together....

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814 words - 4 pages Job was an honest, God fearing husband and father who lived long ago. His story is told in the Bible where we see everything that he loves taken from him, and in the end even his own health. Due to his wrath from God he experiences grief and finally finds favor with God. Kübler-Ross’s study of those who were grief stricken and suffering a terminal illness began her search for a process to assist them with accepting terminal illness and grief

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2295 words - 10 pages No one can tell you that how you are grieving is right or wrong. Everyone grieves differently. However, we often care so much about what other people think that we will try to model the way we mourn by other people’s opinions. Society has a certain unspoken belief that everyone’s grief should fit a certain shaped mold. It’s as if they take a big wad of dough – roll it out – and grab their grief shaped cookie mold. They stamp out a bunch of

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1635 words - 7 pages It has been said that grief is the price of love. If we didn’t love so intensely, we would not grieve so deeply. This price is something we are willing to pay, though it costs us dearly. There are many things that will cause us to grieve differently. The gender differences between men and women in itself will cause us to grieve differently. There are also differences in culture, in religious beliefs, and family dynamics. The things that

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1377 words - 6 pages year. We will talk more about the second year grief in the coming pages. Our society likes to have things neat and clean. Things should be done orderly, follow a step by step agenda, and have a proper timetable. When things don’t fit in the mold that society offers, then it is most often assumed that something is wrong. The same is true for a person in grief. Society will allow you a short time grieve and cry. It is expected after the loss

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3968 words - 16 pages There are many kinds of loss, and grief from loss. The most common grief that everyone has to endure at one point or another is the loss of a loved one to death. This grief has written about by poets; talked about by philosophers; and recorded and described in the Bible. The heart ache and pain from losing a loved one has led to the most agonizing grief a person will endure and sometimes lasts an entire life time. Much of this book is

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3474 words - 14 pages Having come so far through our loss and grief, we have gained something. There comes a special calmness and depth to our soul that we never knew before. This calmness is not something we wish for anyone because it is born of terrible hurt and pain. We are able to smile again now – perhaps not as bright and innocent as it once was – but smile all the same. In losing the innocence we once had we have gained a compassion and gentle strength

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1894 words - 8 pages Our minds are remarkable things. God created us in such a way that we can remember things that happened to us as a small child. Yet we can forget what we had for breakfast this morning. Our grief may cause us to dwell on the details surrounding the death of our loved one. The nearer we are to the passing the harder it is to remember the good times we had together. We may have to work at it to remember the memories we made in life especially

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2036 words - 9 pages No one wants to have to go through grief. Going through grief means something has happened to break our hearts. This most commonly means we have lost a loved one to death. None of us are immune to grief hitting us at some point in our lives. One of the most difficult times to be going through grief can be during the holidays. Everyone wants us to be upbeat, and happy. They want us to be cheerful and celebrate the holidays. But if we are

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1903 words - 8 pages In an increasingly globalised world, it is important that social workers are aware of the multitude of loss that immigrants experience and how this impacts on their life and the lives of others. Grief is a complex emotional response that arises from experiences of loss (Kanel 2003). Loss can be multidimensional and 'accompanies most big changes in our lives' (Goldsworthy 2005, p. 176). Moving to another country involves multiple diverse changes

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1442 words - 6 pages inspiration to me. There is an old saying that the same sun that softens the wax hardens the clay. Some of us will react to grief in such a way that we draw closer to God and lean into Him. Others of us will find ourselves pulling away from God with everything within us. As a matter of fact the same person may react both ways in different situations over the course of a lifetime. One tragedy may drive us away from God, while the next will cause us to

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988 words - 4 pages Grief tends to bring memories into sharper focus. It can be a trigger for tears and emotion that can surprise us. The trigger can be something as simple as a scent from a familiar perfume – a memorable sight – or an unseen but felt presence. I like to call these “memory hugs.” Long after the deaths of both of my parents I would have the brief thought of dropping by to visit them, or asking them for advice on some decision I was trying to

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1122 words - 4 pages Somenta Paul7/14/2014Enc 1101Tues & Thurs 8:00amPaper 1- The Management of GriefGrief in DiversityOutside of India, many may find India and people of Indian decent to be quite peculiar. We as people are all so different especially between cultures. Based on the actual event, the Sikh terrorist bombing of an Air India plane on June 23, 1985, which killed all 329 passengers and crew, The Management of Grief emphasizes on Shaila Bhave's in the

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1469 words - 6 pages Grief is a universal reaction experienced by all of us at some time in our lives. The capacity that makes each of us capable of warm, satisfying relationships also leaves us vulnerable to sadness, despair, and grief when such relationships are disrupted (Carr, 1969). Regardless of the actual relationship that might have existed prior to the death, we have the tendency to idealize the relationship once death has occurred and we expect expressions

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1594 words - 7 pages It’s important to talk about your grief, but it is also important to be choosy about who you share your grief with. Some people are better than others at listening with empathy. Be selective. Pick just a few people to be completely open and honest with about your feelings. Difficult conversation over dinner: There are times that are more conducive to open conversations. As time goes by, you can be more selective about how and with whom

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2207 words - 9 pages Understanding grief and the grieving process may not alleviate the pain that you are experiencing right now. However, recognizing the grief process may help stop the sheer panic of not knowing what is going to happen next. Many people use the words grief and mourning interchangeably. These two terms, though similar have different meanings. Grief is what we feel, the ache in our heart that is so hard to describe. Mourning is the action we