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Grief And Grieving Essay

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Adrian Mc Hugh, (8), 2,131 Words
Grief and GrievingGrief is a response to a loss. It is an emotion one suffers when something or someone is taken from an individual. This loss can refer to a death, ill health, divorce/relationship breakdowns, and loss of a limb/disability or unemployment.Bereavement is the losing of someone to whom one has been close too. The onset feeling is one of absence. Feelings that a person may experience are loneliness, emptiness, frustration, deprivation, yearning and longing, and often abandonment and rejection.Elizabeth Kubler-Ross described five stages of grief in her 1969 book "On Death and Dying". This is known as the Kubler-Ross Five Stage Model and commonly known through the acronym DABDA. Grieving does not just apply to death, but also to divorce, relationship breakdowns, unemployment and even a disability or the loss of a limb. (13/3/2013)The five stages of grief Kubler-Ross wrote about are:Denial - This is the first stage. This is usually a temporary feeling one has to a loss. At first they refuse to accept or acknowledge something is wrong. We use it as a defense mechanism to subconsciously block out a real situation.Anger - This is the second stage. After denial begins to wear, we emotionally become furious at the fact that this is happening to us. We begin to take out our anger on the people close to us.Bargaining - This is the third stage. At this stage we are feeling vulnerable and need to take back some control. We may bargain with God or a higher power for more time for example pray more, seek second opinions and live a better life.Depression - This is the fourth stage. At this stage a person starts to realise the seriousness of the situation. We become overwhelmed with sadness and fear of what lies ahead.Acceptance - The final stage is acceptance. We begin to accept the reality of the situation and try to come to terms with what lies ahead. We start to look at options on how best to move forward. (13/3/2013)Not everyone goes through these five stages step by step or even further than one or two stages. Each individual is different depending on their life circumstances. As far back as 1980, even Elisabeth herself said, "The stages are not linear. People do not necessarily go through all of them or even some of them. More importantly…let's move on from the Five Stages. They were based on interviews with the dying and the book was written (On Death and Dying), but please move forward… There is SO much more time for living!"( (14/3/2013)In the world today we have many cultural and spiritual beliefs around dying. In Ireland, the most common religion is catholic and the vast majority of funerals take place in a church. If the person died in Ireland - it is common in most parts of Ireland for the burial, from church to graveyard, to...

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