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Grief And Loss Portrayed In Movies University At Buffalo, Intro To Grief And Loss Essay

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Grief and loss being portrayed in film and television don’t often go into depth about how to go through the process of grieving. Many times, it is pushed aside and the next scene takes over. For example, in the famous Disney movie, “The Lion King,” Simba was just a young cub when his father died. He happened to be there when Mufasa (Simba’s father) fell off the cliff, thanks to Mufasa’s evil jealous brother, Scar. Simba, however, felt like the death of his father was his own fault. The guilt and shame of returning back to the pride was too much for Simba to handle, so he runs away. I should say that the movie did show about a minute of Simba crying when his father died, but what the movie did not include was if Simba went through a grieving process. I know that this movie is animated but sometimes children learn things from what they watch. Let’s say that a boy and his mother were very close until the boy’s mother died suddenly and tragically while the boy was present, like a car accident. Now let’s add that this boy happened to have watched The Lion King and remembered how the main character’s father died tragically as well, and felt like he could have prevented it. The boy will then think that running away from his feelings will solve everything, including his grief. I just think that there should be more topics about grief and loss in children’s movies, so that children can benefit from watching it when going through similar events.
The movie “Up” was and still is my favorite movie to watch. I enjoy watching a lot of animated movies because I never had the chance to while growing up. In the movie “Up,” there is about ten minutes of the most heartbreaking scene that I’ve ever watched and that was when the main...

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