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William Shakespeare, one of the world’s best known authors, is a fraud and did not write all the plays that he is best known for. Did William Shakespeare write his own plays? There is absolutely no evidence of him being educated or of him going to Italy where most of his plays are set in detail. William Shakespeare did not write his own plays because, he was not educated enough to had written plays of such stature, he never traveled to Italy where most of his plays are set.
Evidence proves that William Shakespeare was not educated enough to had have written his own plays. As published in the education of William Shakespeare published by (Amy Kathman), “Shakespeare began school around the ...view middle of the document...

It would make plenty of sense for Shakespeare to get someone to write the plays for him so that he could claim fame. It would also make sense for someone of lower class to get Shakespeare to publish the plays for them. Many scholars believe that “someone named William Shakespeare worked at the theater company the globe, but did not write the plays”. “Shakespeare was putting his name on plays that were given to him by someone else” (Jamieson para 3). If Shakespeare worked with the play staging company, he could easily take plays given to him by the original author and wrote his name on them for the credit. The conspiracy theories about Shakespeare and if he wrote his own plays or not are because there is not enough evidence to prove that he wrote the plays himself. There is not enough evidence on Shakespeare’s life to prove that he wrote the plays.
The only way that William Shakespeare would know what the streets of Italy looked like, is if he had actually been to them and seen them with his own eyes, and yet there are no accounts of him ever traveling outside of Europe. According to many different sources “many Englishmen traveled to Italy…it is that he may have gone in the entourage of someone else” (Kathman para 5). Shakespeare could have gone to Italy with someone else or had someone describe it in detail, but the details are too difficult to explain them in detail, and there would certainly be records of such a famous man’s travels. In Shakespeare’s writings, the descriptions of cities in Italy are described in fine detail which could not be easily explained...

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