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The University Of Waterloo´S Experiential Education To Help Undergraduate Students Recieve Employment

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In recent years the cost of tuition at a traditional college has seen a large increases while at the same time graduates of these schools are finding it increasingly difficult to find a job, much less a job pertaining to the field they studied. To college institutions, the question arises of whether or not the education experience that they provide increases the success of its graduating students. An increase in personal financial investment in higher education from the private sector is a clear indicator that those seeking higher education see their decision to do so as an economic investment. The increasing number of today’s students are seeking to concentrate their studies in subjects they consider relevant to their futures, and that ideally might help them in employment opportunities upon graduation, has sparked nationwide departments in pre-professional and technical education fields to expand at a far faster rate than traditional academic disciplines such as the liberal arts. Practical and technical based educations both have their own pros and cons when measuring their success of instilling students with a prosperous future. As a result, the most obvious way to achieve the greatest success is to create a hybrid education which encompasses both the theoretical aspects learned in classrooms with the practical experience encountered outside the classroom. This new style of experiential education practiced by institutions such as The University of Waterloo provide an excellent example of how higher education for undergraduates should be administered, because of its Co-op style of curriculum crafts a university experience that bridges the gap between students expectations, universities’ strengths, and employers’ needs while at the same time exposing students to those intellectual but also practical fields that will make them valuable in the volatile job market and even more important society as a whole.
According to the U.S. Department of Education’s National Center for Education Statistics, "from 2010–2011, prices for undergraduate tuition, room, and board at public institutions rose 42%, and prices at private not-for-profit institutions rose 31%.” Family and student sources of financing have also shifted, with the fastest- growing source of funding being private-sector loans (7x from 1997-2007) Approximately 60 percent of students graduating four year colleges have taken out student loans and credit cards to support themselves. With more and more people taking out loans it is clear that they see college education as an economic investment. An investment that’s return can be measured through an individual’s participation in a career that is interesting, well compensated paid, respected, and worthwhile. Education, once an age-specific rite of passage, is now a vigorously monitored and carefully assessed investment by a variety of sources, including students and parents. These constituencies regard education largely in instrumental...

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