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Grillo Essay

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Catalina LeonProfessor Donato MartinezEnglish 061March 20, 2014Always Running; SummaryThe autobiography Always Running La Vida Loca: Gang Days in LA by Luis J. Rodriguez takes place in the 60's/70's in East Los Angles. The term Vida Loca is used by Mexicans which means crazy life. This autobiography is written in third person by Luis who is nicked named Grillo and Chin. He takes you on a journey on how crazy his life started. The passage involves poverty, violence and drugs. He eventually gets enlighten by people to get over this gang lifestyle he is living.Grillo had a rough childhood; he grows up in family that moves around from house to house due to the fact that they are poor and can't afford a place of their own. This takes a toll on Grillo because he doesn't have a stable life. He was bullied by Anglos and his psycho brother Jose who is later known as Joe. Grillos mother would make him play with his Joe since he wouldn't speak much. Jose took advantage of this by pushing Grillo around. Most of the time Grillo found himself in a lot of pain because of the harsh things his brother would put him through. Joe would push Grillo off the roof of a house that knocked the wind out of him. The children in the barrio see the how Grillo was treated that they decided it would be ok to torment him as well. Through the pain his brother went through he knew his brother loved him. At one point his brother and he decided to jump a fence to go to the west side of LA and found themselves beaten up by Anglos. This didn't only bring thee brothers together but gave Grillo the urge to not be beaten up again. He was a merciless child that stopped caring what people thought. He rebelled in school making substitute teachers walk out and disrespecting school property. The numerous he was involved in lead to him being expelled which he decides to drop out of high school.With his...

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