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Grimm Fairy Tales is a popular genre to children and society. The stories and remakes of the fairy tales are the basis of the original. Grimm Fairy tales include Snow White, Sleeping Beauty, Cinderella, Ariel, Rapunzel and many others. The story usually includes a curse, a fairy or magic, a prince saving the princess and a moral. Fairy tales have a huge impact on pop culture and how children and young adults perceive reality and love.
For English class, we are presenting a research paper based on fairy tales, folktales, or fables. Over the course of six months in English class we have been studying stories, and have looked at the Canterbury Tales, etc. These stories are passed down from generation to generation and give us stories of courage and love. These stories are part of my childhood. Fairytales give me a sense of empowerment and hope for the future. The stories mold my imagination and resiliency to who I am today.
The Search:
The mission to write a research paper on the basis of my childhood began. As I was walking towards the school library, different ideas of what stories to find, what I wanted to focus on my research paper popped into my head. I became frustrated because of the vast amount of fairytales; I wanted to focus on five important fairytales. Mr. Boardman gave us a week to research our topics. You would think that would be enough, but once you started becoming more involved in the research and learning things you’ve never realized you don’t want to stop researching. I began to enjoy looking up theories and meanings of the different fairytales. One website shared the origins of fairytales. It gave insight on how each person in history transformed the fairytale from more childlike to complex. Each writer added on to the fairytale. As the years and knowledge grew because of more experience and inventions, this also had a factor on fairytales. This made me understand that stories are developed through the time period they are written and the experiences that happen with the writer and the experiences passed down from previous writers. This research process was giving me a deeper connection with the fairytales I grew up with because I was learning the origin of the stories. Another day passed and I picked out the five stories I would research; Little Snow White, Rapunzel, Little Red Cap, Hansel and Gretel and Little Briar Rose. As I was studying all these stories, I came to the conclusion that the stories are based on fear to instill in children. It made me have a different perspective on the stories because I am not a kid anymore and can observe these stories in a more realistic than imaginative light. To even further our research I read another article on the Grimm brothers. I pointed out important attributes the brothers’ use in their stories and what they are most known for. It was important to not only know the theme of the story but the structure of how it was written and the clues included in the stories....

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