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When I began kindergarten , at the age of four, I didn’t know to speak or write the English language. I wanted be one of the few Hispanic student who had the ability to communicate with American children. In “The Joy of Reading and Writing: Superman and Me” by Sherman Alexie, Alexie was an Native American that wanted to develop his education unlike other Indian children. He taught himself to read by reading many books like his father did. Alexie overcame his fears of being differ than the other Native Americans. Learning to read in English has improved the opportunities to a successful education.
The beginning of the development of my education started in Kindergarten. The surrounding was ...view middle of the document...

Therefore, they started to skip their turn because they were afraid of getting laughed at. When they called my name to read aloud for the class I tried the best I could. Alexie was the only Indian kid that had the courage to stand up and learn to read.

I searched for help from my teacher before or after school. The spanish
speaking children would leave the room for exercises every Wednesday and Friday to work with the teacher and an assistant that would translate what english to spanish, while the
to be one of those kids that stayed to play. They gave us flash card that translate a list of word to spanish. I wanted to learn to read my list of work soon as possible in order to stay in class and play with the legos. After learning to read basic word I tried to read any food labels I saw in the grovery store or at home. “I still remember the exact moment I first understood, with a sudden
clarity, the purpose of a paragraph. ” Alexie remeber to the first time he understood because as I understanding something that you didn’t make sense to you can make a tremendous difference.The first book I was able to read was “ The Cat in The Hat” by Dr. Seuss, after reading the book and actually knowing what it meant felt good. I began to make friends with the other children who were able to talk english and taught spanish speakers some words in english. When I heard
anyone speaking English I would try to listen to what they say and test myself by translating it into Spanish. After learning to read a few words, I was almost on the same reading level as the American students’. It gave me the confidence to raise my hand when the teacher asked for a
volunteer to read for the class. I was able to read in a complete sentence and even if I had trouble to read some words I knew I was ten times better than the first weeks of Kindergarten.

By having a mother that didn’t speak much English and a father that did not know any at
all; it had made it difficult for me to get better. The only time I was able to study on English was at school or with my older sister because my family didn’t know English. I wanted to know what it was like to have parent who could read and speak English. I tried very hard to motivate them to learn; they wanted to learn but couldn’t because of the lack of spare time they had. They mostly had to focus their time on work ; have enough time for me and my sister to help us on anything we needed. However, the thought of making English the main...

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