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Grizzly Bear. Essay

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The grizzly bear is also known as the brown bear. Its fur ranges from a cream color to almost black. The bear's fur has a "grizzled" look, which gave it its name. The grizzly bear has a hump on its back made of muscle mass and the grizzly can weigh 350-1500 pounds. ( Black bears live in forest areas, so they can climb a tree in case of danger, grizzlies live in wide-open spaces making them more likely to attack if they are in danger. Not only do they live in open tundra areas but also grizzlies have been found in temperate rain forests and open grassland areas. Within the United States, grizzly bears have been found in the mountains of Wyoming, Montana, Idaho, and Washington near the border of Canada. Also grizzly bears have been found in western parts of Canada and in Alaska.Grizzly bears are omnivores; they eat both greens and meat. 75% of their diet consists of grass, roots, and berries and the rest is animal matter. As for meat, bears usually feed on ground squirrels, fish, and bugs. Sometimes bears will also feed on larger prey like deer, elk, moose, and bison but most of the time can only catch larger prey's young. ( mating season for grizzly bears runs from May to early July. It takes 180-266 days for a cub to be born. The grizzly cubs are usually born between January and March and are most often born two at a time. When the cubs are born they have no fur, are blind, and weigh about a pound. Although they only weigh about a pound when they are born they quickly gain weight...

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803 words - 4 pages acres of land at a time. Wild land fires clear 4 million to 5 million acres per year, in the U.S. alone. They can move up to speeds of 14 miles per hour, which would imply the destruction, that they can produce. They can consume everything, such as trees, brush, homes, and sometimes humans (“Wildfires”, n.d.). The grizzly bear is one animal that is affected at the result of a fire, both positively and negatively. The grizzly bear has adapted to

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