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Ground Zero And Big Brother Essay

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On August 9th of 2001 America suffered from a great tragedy that will never be forgotten. Four commercial jets were hijacked and two were then crashed into the twin towers. The other two were steered off course but still one managed to hit the pentagon. These suicide attacks devastated the nation into grief from all of the innocent lives that were taken away, but can this truly be a terrorist attack? With recently reading the book 1984, I’ve wondered if this event was an accident or was it staged? In the book a totalitarian government runs and controls all of the people of Oceania. It demonstrates the capability of the human species to dominate one another and to some cases even brainwashing each other. Even though this book was written before the actual year of 1984 this demonstrates the fear that people from our past had, due to all of our misbehavior. The brain is capable of many things and as history has shown before with Hitler(a dictator) and so many other leaders, we will stop at nothing to get our hands on the power of full control and dominance whether it’s by destroying evidence and creating our lies to save ourselves from trouble or by making the world believe the lies of the media and concealing the truth. Can 9/11 be an example of this?
In the book 1984 there was a slogan that caught my eye, “War Is Peace, Freedom Is Slavery, Ignorance Is Strength.”(1) This slogan was introduced so early in the book that it set the idea of how contradicting and manipulating the party of Big Brother are. It changed the way we look at things because we aren’t used to the type of twisted utopia that Winston lives in. George Orwell did a good job at showing how cruel mankind can be by setting this wonderful example of his version of the future and how we will do anything to have that power and control over everything and anything. In the book Winston describes the three main powers of his world: the ministry of peace, the ministry of love and the ministry of truth. These three powers are what keeps the people of Oceania believing in their lies and decapitates them from being able to think on their own and deprives them of their privacy.
The ministry of peace is in charge of wars and combat. They keep the people in line with their actions and promotes violence. The ministry of love is in charge of torturing the people to keep them believing in the right things and from siding with Goldstein(2). They keep you until they say it’s okay for you to leave. And the ministry of truth is where Winston himself rewrites history according to Big Brothers ideology. They burn the evidence of the real history down the memory holes. And by doing this they psychologically control the people of Oceania into believing that “War Is Peace” because it keeps them united, that “Freedom Is Slavery” because then you are bound to crash and burn in your own failure and that “Ignorance Is Strength” because by not knowing the wrong in their actions they can’t question or even...

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