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Groundhog Day: Is Rita An Example Of A Traditional "Good" Woman? In What Ways Does She Fit (Or Not Fit Into) A Traditional Gender Role?

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Is Rita an example of a traditional "good" woman? In what ways does she fit (or notfit into) a traditional gender role?The traditional "good" woman has many stereotypical characteristics. Shedoesn't talk to men first and doesn't ask them to dance but waits for them to approachher. Rushing into sex never happens. In fact, more than casual kissing on the first date isa rarity. If you want to get into the extreme stereotype, you can go the way of JuneCleaver. Staying at home all day, she cooks and cleans happily while the man works allday and his only contribution to the family duties is tossing around a ball in the eveningwith the kids. This typical "good" woman has been portrayed throughout our history asthe ideal woman. She is the perfect wife and mother.I believe that Rita is a traditional "good" woman. She fits into the traditional rolein many ways but she also strays from some of our typical stereotypes.As the movie begins, we meet Rita. She is a nice, accommodating woman who ishappy and eager to please others. In that aspect she is staying in the traditional genderrole of our stereotype woman. She goes to great lengths to ensure everyone's needs aremet without showing us any concern for her own. Rita is always smiling and chippertowards everyone, no matter how unhappy they might be.In the other aspect, as the movie begins, we can tell that she is as eager to pleasePage 2as she is strong and independent. She retains her independence while still maintainingthe respect of the people working under her. They only obvious exception is Phil, who istechnically one of those under her, believes he is not and is actually the star or as he likesto say, "talent". Even with that hurdle, she is still as respected by the other coworkers asa strong working women. This, in our typical society, being an independent woman goesout of our traditional scope of how women are supposed to act or behave.In many ways throughout the movie, you can plainly tell that Rita continues to beindependent while still staying within the more typical gender styled character. She stillwants to be swept off her feet. Many times during the film she describes her perfectmate, a regular prince charming. She describes the male version of the "good" guy. He'sthoughtful, kind and is not afraid to cry. He is adventurous and talented, such as he mustplay an instrument. In many ways, she is describing to Phil what seems like animpossible person that will never exist.As Phil continues to take Rita out on a date to perfect all his mistakes and welearn more about her personality and how it is very typical to the gender biased roles thatwe are familiar with seeing. Every time he seems to advance too much, she meets himwith a slap across the face. No matter how hard he tries to meet her expectations, sherefuses to betray her beliefs that she makes to painstakingly clear to all but him. Ritawants to he handled delicately. She waits for the door to be opened for her but...

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