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For the White team’s subject behavioral study participants were chosen from family members of each household. Each team member had a personal relationship with each participant. The age range for each participant was between five years old to thirty-seven years old. Each participant used the same set of written directions for the observation study. The White team’s directions were how to set a table. We found as a group that each household generally did not set their table before meals as a routine task. This lack of being a routine seemed to cause each participant to either question how things were being set down on the table as per the directions given or to feel uncomfortable being observed doing the task given to them.

K. Purcell, “After setting the table, the subject asked me if he had completed the task right. I found this interesting because the subject knows how to set a table, but he was confused by the fact that I had written directions and set apart time to observe him complete the task.” L.Crane, “Yet he struggled with folding the napkins choosing to tear them in half over folding them.” M. Calmanco, “My wife then mentioned that the fact that she was being observed and was being asked to follow a list of specific directions made on her edge, she showed a little nervousness at first.” C.Layman, “His weakness was why do we do it this way why not the other way like his mom does it? I told him I wanted it done this way. So he was a little bit confused.” C. Rodrigue, “She tells me that she is uncomfortable about being watched and was feeling pretty nervous.” A. Whitt, “He was more excited about having the opportunity to participate in the exercise that he wanted to make sure that he succeeded.”

As each team member conducted their observations it...

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